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Sep 27, 2013 05:41 AM

best turkey legs?

I need some turkey legs for a braised dish for a group. Thinking of Zinman near marché Jean-Talon and Fernando's on Roy in the Plateau; any other ideas (in central or centralish Montreal). Cost is a consideration, but so is quality. Thanks!

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  1. I know you say cost is a consideration but Ferme St Vincent's turkey has never disappointed the few times I've ordered it. Unless you cook turkey legs every week it's definitely worth for the occasional special occasion. It's too bad that they really increased their prices substantially in the past year, not that they were cheap to begin with but now it's getting out of hand.

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      I loved them, but unfortunately I can't afford their prices for a group (for an association). Alas they are really too expensive for me now. :(

    2. I've seen them at Supermarché Sakaris on St-Laurent, likely inexpensive as most of their meat is.

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        Thanks, Plateaumaman, I'll look there too, though I may use drumsticks from Zinman (a bit under $5kg). They will happily cut them up into "osso buco" pieces. They also have thighs, skinned I think and with one small bone, for a bit under $9kg. I went there today to snoop and to buy some necks and backs to make the stock for the dish.

        They said their poultry was from Le Voltigeur, which is very good.

        I don't like roast turkey very much, but it is great in a braise, and very nutritious.