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Sep 27, 2013 05:04 AM

Pumpkin gnocci--how far to make in advance?

Hi al. Last year I made this pumpkin gnocci recipe, and I'm going to triple it tomorrow for a family gathering.


Everytime I've ever made gnocci--pumpkin, regular, spinach, etc--it's gone straight into boiling water as soon as it was made. It will be served at my mother's house around 5:30--you think it will be ok if I make it at my house that morning? (will travel about a half hour with it in the car) Should I store it in the fridge with parchment in between the layers? Would it be better if I just made the dough at my house and shaped them at her house?


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  1. make them any time in advance and then freeze them individually on a sheet pan.. when solid, drop in a ziploc bag. travel with them in a cooler and just drop them still frozen into the water.

    no worries about sticking, smooshing, etc.

    if you prefer to make the dough and shape them later in the day that will be ok too, but i think the above method will be easier.

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      I thought of doing that, but I have a tiny, packed freezer :-( I miss my huge former kitchen!

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        I did these with sweet potato gnocchi. Whether it was the recipe or the freezing I'm not sure but they disintegrated in simmering water :( Lots of work for nothing!

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          sweet potato and pumpkin are not the same. these should hold up fine.

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            Come to think of it, it was actually butternut squash, not sweet potatoes.

      2. I have boiled up my potato gnocchi and held before sautéing. just oil them well. That way they will hold their shape better. Then saute at her place. You may want to redunk them in boiling water to heat through again. Think of how a restaurant would do high volumes of pasta/gnocchi, they often have cooked ready to reheat in boiling water and toss with sauce.

        this sounds delicious by the way.