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Sep 26, 2013 08:52 PM

Additional Dinners for a Christmas LV Trip

I am taking my wife to LV for a bit of a foodcation christmas day through the end of the month and I was looking for some additional suggestions for dinners. Right now i've got reservations at Joel Robuchon, e', and the chef table at guy savoy. I also am planning to take her to sage as i've loved both the meals i've had there in the past. We've still got 2 other dinners to work out and maybe some other meals if we aren't in permanent food coma after those tasting menus the first 3 nights. Looking for suggestions from anyone whose had an eye opening meal out there lately.

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  1. Wow, that is a great start, you must have some good connections to get those tables! I also really like Twist by Pierre Gagnaire at MO, though his flavour combinations can be 'interesting' sometimes. Mix at Mandalay Bay is good too.
    We are in town for Christmas as well, would like to go to Guy Savoy Christmas Day but I don't think it is open, unless you know otherwise?
    Also, Julian Serrano's tapas at Aria is really good for a more casual lighter meal. Have a great time.

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      Not sure about Guy Savoy on christmas day, had been planning to go to Robuchon on christmas so I had not actually checked if savoy was open. No connections actually, just figured out the first day I could book them in advance for all of the dates I wanted to go and called/emailed literally the first minute that I could.

      As for the Twist suggestion, that comment about the flavor combos is exactly what has me hedging on going there. I had an acquaintance and his girlfriend go there and they said a few of the dishes were awful. But, I don't necessarily trust their judgement and we are adventurous eaters.

      1. re: I 8 IT

        The a la carte at Twist is fine, it is the tasting menu that is more 'out there' because there are so many dishes and flavours going on. My husband is a chef and more adventurous than me and even he had a couple of 'yuk' moments!
        Think we are going to give e a try this time if we can get in, it sounds good and we should try somewhere new instead of always going back to the old favourites.

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      1. I've always had terrific dinners at Le Cirque. BTW, you've chosen all of my favorite restaurants in LV.

        1. I would think about something a bit different, and maybe off the strip. Perhaps Raku, or Yonaka? Or Kabuto for amazing sushi. I think what you have sounds amazing, and love all your choices although we have not been to e yet

          1. You sir know how to have fun !