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Sep 26, 2013 08:46 PM

Montreal Restaurant Openings and Closings October to December 2013

Judging by the other threads. I imagine that this will top out at about 200 replies or so. And if people like that we can continue it quarterly in 2014.

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  1. Quarterly seems like a good compromise. Monthly is too many threads to check when you vaguely recall something being discussed in your hood. But seeing as we keep getting into pointless albeit somewhat amusing (in a timewasting facebookey way) discussions about whether Starbucks is germane or if a concept is ripped off from Toronto or a name will pass mustard with the language cops, yearly threads are just getting way too long.

    Anyhow, not exactly Chow-ish but I think worthy of note trend-wise:
    Radio Lounge is closed and reopening as (merging with?) Bar Le Dorchester at 1121 Anderson (between Bleury and Jeanne-Mance, below Rene-Levesque). It looked as busy as ever, so I don't know why.

    Radio Lounge was a loud, uncouth meatmarket, as crappy as outward appearance / crowd loitering outside at 3am would lead one to think (went only once to wing a friend).

    Nonetheless, it took up a huge chunk of (one-time?) prime real estate. Not good news for St-Laurent.

    1. ETOH Brasserie on St-Denis corner Jarry has opened or will be opening soon from the looks of it.

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        TK Restobar, nothing seems to come up on the search, it seems they have been opened for a few months. Anyone know anything, looks interesting especially for that area.

        1. re: JerkPork

          Odd, as à la mode montréal has a glowing review of Brasserie ETOH, and I believe I've seen other ones: It has a website too:

          1. re: lagatta

            i would take the à la mode review with a grain of salt. they give glowing review for pretty much anything

            1. re: twinkie83

              Yes, they are rather over-enthusiastic...

            2. re: lagatta

              They are shills, not reviewers. Just another promoter blog that writes glowing reviews in return for trinkets and opening invitations. The name of the blog alone is a dead giveaway.

              1. re: Shattered

                Yes, there are a lot of those (and not just the ridiculous RestoMontréal).

                1. re: Shattered

                  indeed. they're good for fashion because that's what they really are (fashion blog) but outside of that, good for a laugh

            3. The original comment has been removed
              1. Just announced: Raza is closing with last service 11-NOV-2013.

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                1. re: wattacetti

                  Damn... The most underrated place in town.

                2. NICE NEW THREAD!!!

                  Both Qing Hua (1909) and Dic Ann's w/ Bonatarte (2079) are now open on Sainte-Catherine West!

                  Dat Adonis effect!!! Very lively now. We just need a second Vua location ;)

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                  1. re: denpanosekai

                    Yes, that area had been depressed for decades. I'm sure Adonis had seen its potential.

                    You can keep Dic Ann's/Bonatarte though...

                      1. re: williej

                        w/ means with, so it seems Bonatarte is operating in the same space as DicAnn's.

                        1. re: C70

                          thanks. I presume Bonatarte is a pie shop? Odd combination with a hamburger joint.

                          1. re: C70

                            Yes, they're owned by same people(that's why the connection).