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Sep 26, 2013 08:37 PM

Ocean Terrace (@ George's) makes a great peanut butter ice cream

It also comes with a side of chocolate cake.

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  1. Love love. .
    Chunks of PB or mixed?
    Choco cake..dark or milk?
    Details Ipsy!

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      1. re: foodiechick

        You don't miss a beat, do you missy?

        Giddy up..

          1. re: ipsedixit

            It was difficult to capture the true essence of the FoF in such a small avatar.

      2. Sounds excellent.

        Café Chloe made a dark chocolate and smoky sea salt caramel ice cream that blew my little walnut-sized mind a few months ago. I hope it returns and you all get some.

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        1. re: SaltyRaisins

          That does sound excellent.

          I think I need a cigarette after just reading about it.