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Sep 26, 2013 07:39 PM

Good food and discussion friendly environment in the South Bay area.

My wife and I are meeting up with another couple on a Saturday night in about a week. They're in Long Beach and we're in Sherman Oaks. Mid-point would seem to be around Manhattan Beach or thereabouts.

Any cuisine type is fine but we really need manageable noise levels so we can talk. All ideas welcomed.

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  1. Reserve a tatami room at Sanuki no Sato. I think it's a $15 surcharge. The menu is huge which normally is a bad sign (specialists are the rule in this cuisine). Yet most dishes are surprisingly very good.

    1. Petros in Manhattan Beach. Great upscale Greek food with homemade deserts and a wonderful patio.

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        The patio at Petros is a good choice for downtown Manhattan Beach on a Saturday night - the food is very good and the noise level is manageable. Another option is the outdoor patio at Strand House, which has a wonderful beach view. The only other quiet restaurant in Manhattan Beach is Creme de la Crepe, which serves decent but not memorable country French items.

      2. not a specific recommendation, but

        i have found that most restaurants are much more "discussion friendly" if you start your meal at the very BEGINNING of their dinner service.
        this is especially true on saturday evenings.

        most decent restaurants that charge anywhere near normal prices are packed at peak hours on a saturday night, and this does not lead to "discussion friendly."