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Sep 26, 2013 06:57 PM

Momo's Nepalese in Springfield

I just noticed yet another newly opened Nepalese restaurant on Yelp. They have a couple of "safe" Mughlai-Punjabi items on the menu but also some Nepalese items like several types of momos, taas (goat in dry masala served with puffed rice), Nepali style goat curry, and a few other things.

Anyone been there yet?

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  1. I went there for their lunch buffet but left without eating. It was prime lunch time but there was only one customer there. That doesn't bother me per se, but the buffet seemed to suffer from the lack of customers. The food had the appearance of being left out too long -- it didn't look hot or fresh, and there wasn't much of it. Even then I might have been convinced to order something off the menu cooked to order, but the one worker there didn't attempt to talk to me or even look at me as far as I could tell -- not a problem in and of itself, but at that point I needed some encouragement to take a risk. I reluctantly decided to just leave.I may check it out again to see if I just happened to choose a bad day.

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      Join us for dinner if you are still curious. There is no buffet, just cooked-to-order.

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        I truly regret that I won't be able to. Look forward to hearing how it goes!

    2. I've eaten there once. Tried 3 or 4 things (including momos) and the best thing by far were the potato pakoras. It's inexpensive place to eat.

      Namaste in Rose Hill is nearby and better. More expensive.


      1. It's ok, and it's cheap, but it isn't great. I have not tried the buffet. The potato fritters were my favorite thing.