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Sep 26, 2013 06:48 PM

Collecting NYC Food Experiences For a Gift...

I'm trying to put together a gift for my fiancee's birthday. The idea is to really take advantage of the city but also to do some cooking classes since we are about to get a ton of new kitchen stuff (yay! exciting!).

I was thinking cheese at Murray's, wine at Otto, a class at ICE (any recommendations?)

I'd be up for fun food tours or other experiences too! Would love recommendations of specific classes or activities that people on here have enjoyed.

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  1. The "Old World Wines, New World Cheeses" class at Murray's was a lot of fun.

    There's often cocktail classes at Ma Peche that sound interesting. Haven't been yet, though.

    1. Eataly has a cooking school located next to thier wine shop on the south end of building. I am not sure of details but call or go there to inquire.

      1. The cheese classes at Murray's are always fun.

        Friends have loved the classes at Pizza a Casa and the Meat Hook/Brooklyn Kitchen (pig butchering).

        1. Astor wines often has classes, whole foods bowery has classes (my sister took a few), and a long time ago jaques torres offered a tour of the brooklyn location but def call to check