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Sep 26, 2013 06:29 PM


Want to try my hand at making braciole ---- best cut of beef to use, top round or flank steak?

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  1. Flank is more typical for that dish.

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      Really, flank is more typical? I've always heard round. Regardless, when I make rolled beef, I use flank, so I'd have to agree it's the better cut. Nevertheless, most people use round, probably cause it's cheaper. This is a simple, but good recipe:

    2. Have you considered using pork? I totally prefer pork braciole myself. I buy it already made at the butcher; but my MIL used pork shoulder, pounded very thin.

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        Coll do you have recipe or approximation of what you use... I was thinking "the other white meat" would be great for this.

        is the braise, chicken stock, apple etc?

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          When I first started cooking, I'd buy my braciole at the butcher. I'd buy both beef and pork sometimes, to compare. The pork always comes out much more tender. My MIL also used to usually buy hers, but did tell me how previously made it themselves. These were the kind of conversations we'd have at the dinner table!

          Here's what I know about the filling: breadcrumbs, mixed with hard boiled egg, olive oil, parsley and parmesan cheese. I really think that was basically it. Chop those ingredients together ,and roll that in the flattened piece of pork then tie securely with butcher twine. Next it gets browned just a bit in a cast iron pan, using a bit of olive oil, and then dumped into the pot of sauce, along with the meatballs and sausage. If you wanted to make it separately, I would think you'd want to braise it in a covered pot with ...I don't know? Some wine or beer, or broth? I would somehow include some tomato though. I've only cooked it in the sauce myself, to be served on a platter with the other meats.

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            good Ideas, I will try with pork soon

            1. re: sparky403

              Let me know what you do and how it comes out, buying it at the butcher is getting sort of expensive lately!

      2. I've read that you're supposed to use Round Steak.

        1. In New Orleans, making bruccialone, I use round and try to get the so-called full cut. It pounds out better than flank which is still too thick for me in this use. Veal is the classic way if you can find it.

          1. Round is more typical but, flank will work very well.