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Sep 26, 2013 06:14 PM

Nougatine and NoMad recs

I have the good fortune to be eating at both these restaurants this weekend.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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  1. nougatine is best done for lunch in my opinion.

    the tuna tartare is great;the one thing to avoid is the burger. Almost everything else is quite good.

    i can'thelp you on NoMad

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      1. re: ellenost

        Could you recommend something other than the chicken? I feel bad for the geese stuffed with fatty food.

        1. re: batgirl284

          As stated before the suckling pig is fantastic, and you can't go wrong with the lobster or duck.

          1. re: batgirl284

            Tagliatelle with crab, meyer lemon and black pepper

        2. I would agree that Nougatine is better for lunch than dinner. However, I was extremely disappointed during my visit last year that I have not gone back since; found the service to be frustrating and slow, and my fish entree was severely undercooked. The only thing I could remember liking slightly was the tuna tartare, everything else was so bland and boring.

          I love The NoMad. The chicken for 2 is good to try at least once, the tagliatelle with crab and lemon is a refreshing starter to share, as is the poached egg dish. The milk & honey dessert is great and very popular, but the drinks and cocktails really shine for me.

          Hope you have enjoyable meals this weekend! And a better experience than I at Nougatine...

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          1. re: zeeEats

            zeeEats-I am shocked to find another person who felt the same way about Nougatine. I always went there on a regular basis and the last time I went-I thought it was my imagination but food was so mediocre!!! Hope JG sees this and checks up on it!!!What I do like alot on the menu is thier lobster!!! A very healthy portion out of the shell. The tuna tatare is also sublime.

          2. As suggested by ellenost you MUST get the chicken, it's spectacular. If you like fish/shellfish I would also suggest the fruits de mer, an awesome assortment of one bite gems. My GF has been gushing on about how much she loves the corn dish app and I just had the tuna tartare (I know I know, it's tuna tartare) and it was fantastic, served with not just the tartare but a couple pieces of toro "sashimi". You can also never go wrong with the suckling pig! Dessert, no question, for me it's Milk and Honey.

            Can't help with Nougatine because whenever we think we are going to do stop in we wind up going to Jean George dining room instead!

            1. Best thing about Nougatine is the room, and the view. Everything else there seems like it was spit out on a conveyor belt.