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Sep 26, 2013 06:08 PM

Namaste Indian and Nepalese

Has anyone tried this place? It has only opened in the past few months.

I like Nepalese food and I am wondering if it is worth the drive for me to try the place out.

I found reviews on Yelp and Don Rockwell but they all only address the Indian Mughlai-Punjabi type dishes. It has decent reviews, but nobody mentions what they have on the Nepali section of the menu.

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  1. I called and asked them which Nepalese dishes they have on their menu. The resto is Nepali owned, as expected.

    The person I spoke with said that they are currently developing their Nepali menu and don't have much yet. I suggested that he develop it to distinguish the restaurant from other Indian restos in the area.

    He said they have sekuwa (Nepalese shish kabab) and momos, and one other thing that I couldn't understand. He also says that they have an Indo-Chinese menu. Nepalese are famous for cooking Indo-Chinese food, so it could be interesting to try what they offer in that category. I asked him what kind of chutney they served with the momos. They have real hot tomato-Sichuan peppercorn chutney (actually a Tibetan Plateau cousin of Sichuan peppercorn) to go with the momos, which is a good sign.

    If customers show an interest in a Nepalese menu, I am sure the owners will comply and expand their repertoire in that direction.