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Sep 26, 2013 06:03 PM

Why are our supermarket delis so ..... MEH ?!?

Other than WF and Meinhardt's (if you can afford it daily), everything from Safeway, Save-On's/PriceSmart, Stupidstore, Choices, IGA, etc, etc just lack the variety, innovation, quality and quanity/price that our stateside supermarkets offer.

Case in point, this past weekend Mrs. LR and I spent the weekend R&R-ing in B'ham. Felt like eating in to enjoy a wonderful Bellingham Bay sunset, so we walked over to Haggen to get some deli foods. Came back with a whole spice-rubbed blackened roaster chicken, garlic-rosemary roasted potato wedges (mmmm....), edamame-japchae (Korean) noodles salad, some fine cheeses, and two personal-sized tiramisu. Total tab: under 25 bucks.

Our experience at other supermarkets in WA, OR and CA are the same, whether it's QFC, Freddy's, Rosauer's, Winco, etc. just to name a few. Even their Safeways are way better than ours (hopefully SW's new owner Sobeys can fix things good), esp. in the hot deli with great fried or roaster chicken, meatloaf, bratwursts, etc.

Just feel like our supermarket delis here are stuck in the '80s. Rant over thx :-)

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  1. I wish US delis carried Freybe meats like Bauernschinken and Schinkenspeck.

    The US roasted chicken does work as an inexpensive meal while traveling - especially if it's getting late and we are camping nearby.

    1. The most egregious no no: precutting the smoked meats. Bleh. Even good stuff is going to disappoint.