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Mulligans Toms River Closed..

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Passed by tonight closed up, for lease sign outside..no cars etc...

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  1. On the corner of Fisher and Hooper? Since Biamonte's(?) / Pizza King that place has been jinxed. It was Biamonte's for 20+- years.....since then it's been a half dozen things nothing lasting more than a couple of years.

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      No, that's been a Boston Pizza for a few years.

      Mulligans is up a little farther north on the southbound side of Hooper near the Brick line. Between Church/Kettle Creek Rd and Silver Bay Rd.

      Was a good place for a drink and some live music.

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          wonder if their original location in farmingdale is closed also?

          1. re: Tapas52

            It's not, that one is very successful, especially since under new ownership! The last owners are actually going to prison for tax evation! Lol