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Sep 26, 2013 04:22 PM

4 nights in Paris with 6 adults. Need restaurant suggestions to please the less adventurous of our group

My husband and I will be in Paris in mid October with 4 other family members, their first time to Paris. I have been researching all day for dinner possibilities. If it were just my husband and myself, we would love to try restaurants like Ze Kitchen Gallerie, Spring etc. However, the others in the group are not "foodies" and are not in the habit of spending a lot of money for restaurants. A few are less adventurous than us (fish, chicken, pork and pasta would be safe bets for them) when it comes to trying new things. So I am looking for restaurants in the 30-50 euro per person range, that would offer something for everyone. We will be staying in an apartment on Avenue de la Republique in the 11th. To further complicate matters, we will be there Friday night thru Tuesday morning, further limiting our choices for our last 2 nights. Any suggestions would be most appreciated as my head is spinning!

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  1. Cafe des Musees and Au Fils des Saison come immediately to mind...near your apartment, not expensive, traditional bistro fare, good.
    I'm sure that others will chime in but for starters I think that these two will please you and the "non-foodies".

    1. These are exactly the people for whom I recommend Les Papilles. If they will eat "stew", they will love Les Papilles. A big soup, a pot of braised meat and vegetables, a bit of cheese and a creamy panna cotta. Absolutely nothing to fear. No choice menu, no decisions, nothing scary, English spoken, an easy segue into France. We always take first time visitors here, usually on a first night, and they all have loved it.

      After this easy and successful beginning, your group will open up to more adventurous places.

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        Hmm, that sounds good to me however having no choice makes me a bit nervous. Should that evening's meal include veal, lamb, rabbit etc, 2 in our group would not eat it.

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          Good catch. It will undoubtedly included veal, lamb or pork. Not usually fish. I don't ever remember being served rabbit there.

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          Some of the restaurants I have been looking at are Pramil, Au Bon Coin, Cuisine de Phillipe, Ober-Sale, Le Petit Marche, Bistrot du Peintre, Au Bascou, Cave Schmidt, Itineraires, Buisson Ardent. Any thoughts as to whether any of those would fit the bill?

        3. I second the choice of Café des Musées.
          Jeanne B on rue Lepic also has good food and at the same time should keep the antichrists of your group happy, or, failing that, at least shut up.

          1. With party of 6, convenience trumps all. If you are at the place République-end of the ave de la République, maybe L'Aller-Retour on the the Charles-François-Dupuis in the 3rd... carnivore's delight... very charming patch of Paris. And a big yes from me for Ober-Salé... but check the ever- changing menu first on a walk-by to see if everyone agrees.

            If the Canal St Martin is walkable, check out Chez Marie Louise on the rue Marie-et-Louise, Philou on the ave Richerand, and Bang ! on the quai Jemmapes.

            For Sunday, Café des Musées is your best bet.

            1. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will check them all out.