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Sep 26, 2013 04:06 PM

"Hoppy Oktoberfest" this Saturday -- September 28 @ Mad Fox, Falls Church

We went last year and really enjoyed the beers from several craft breweries.

You can get a great selection and the beers are described on an info sheet. One ticket bought you a half-glass, which was plenty to get a good sense of the particular brew. I see from the page that this year a four ounce pour is $2.

The servers behind the casks and kegs were very knowledgeable reps from the companies or Mad Fox, and were very friendly.

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  1. I went to the Capital Ale House true Oktoberfest in Fredericksburg but I heard Mad Fox's was a good time. Ill be honest though, it bothers me a little that we have to have a hoppy twist to Oktoberfest now. Are nice toasty regular Oktoberfest Marzens not good enough for our extreme beer palates anymore that we have to add hops (or barrel aging or sourness) to everything? Sorry for the rant but it annoys me when I see wonderful traditional things like this hijacked by the super hoppy crowd. That being said, Mad Fox makes some fantastic beer and some great food as well. So this is in no way meant to be an indictment on them. I guess Im more annoyed with our extreme beer culture stepping on the last of my vaunted old school beer traditions... *sings Ein Prosit by himself and walks away...*

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      What 'great food' do they have at Mad Fox?

      1. re: Steve

        As brew pubs go (did I mention that caveat?) Id say they have some of the best food in the area. Not comparing it to 4 star restaurants by any means. They always seem to have some interesting specials (Mahi-avocado-mango ceviche, Wild boar ragu, etc.), they do bbq pretty well, Ive heard good things about their fried chicken (they had chicken and waffles with andouille sausage gravy available recently) and their Schweinshaxen is delicious (speaking of Oktoberfest). And they had a Short rib hash Benedict on a cheddar biscuit on their brunch menu...

        1. re: Insidious Rex

          Der Schmankerlstube in Hagerstown. Schweinhaxen big as your head, crispy, delicious. Order in advance. Full array of Oktoberfest beers flown in from Bavaria. Lovely biergarten out back, which should be perfect this weekend. That's where I'll be.

          1. re: flavrmeistr

            oktoberfest with sunscreen needed.

      2. re: Insidious Rex

        We had a couple Marzens at Cafe Berlin (Capitol Hill) the first weekend of Oktoberfest. Can't comment on the food since we were on our way to dinner elsewhere, but the beer was good, and it was a nice day to sit outside with their beer-hall looking tent thing. No Oompah music, though, which was probably not a bad thing now that I think of it....