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Sep 26, 2013 03:57 PM

bestia or lucques for birthday dinner?

taking the GF out for a birthday dinner in a few weeks on saturday night and have reservations at both. she'll be coming from an event from downtown, so bestia is more convenient (i've never been), although i have no problems making the drive to melrose.

i've been to lucques once before and loved their food and outdoor patio, but was wondering if anybody had strong opinions one way or the other. i'm holding seats at the charcuterie counter at bestia if that makes any difference.

lucques is a shade more than i want to spend, but i realize that bestia may come out to the same amount. one bonus is that the GF doesn't drink...

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    1. I like Lucques and have not been to Bestia, but from everything I have heard, Bestia would be the call.

      1. Bestia.

        BUT ... if you're looking for an outdoor patio a al Lucques, then just go to Lucques.

          1. Lucques. Fine food and service. Lucques is not a trendy restaurant. It delivers consistently great food. Bestia is a loud, noisy and ├╝ber scene for foodies downtown. Your choice

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            1. Well said!
              However, ymmv.
              Definitely head for Melrose.

                1. re: maudies5

                  Lucques is good, never great, pretty pricey.

                  Don't like the downtown scenester scene but willing to suck it up for the pasta at Bestia. That good.

                  Your choice :-)