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Sep 26, 2013 01:47 PM

Delavan/Lake Geneva area restaurants or foodie stops- moderate

Any good chowish experiences while we visit Oct 5,6.

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  1. Lifelong Lake Geneva area resident; we moved last year but still make it back once a month. I've posted on this subject several times, so I'll avoid the usual suspects and do some hidden gems. Not sure what you are looking for or what price you consider "moderate," so I'll keep this general and hopefully different.

    Pino's in Walworth for pizza and Italian.
    RigaTony's in Delavan for Italian deli and bakery
    Lake Geneva Pie Company for the best pie you ever had
    Moy's in Elkhorn for Chinese
    Sammy's in Walworth for a family restaurant
    Tuscan in Lake Geneva for upscale Italian
    Gordy's in Fontana (prefer going there at lunchtime; dinner gets pretty noisy)
    Claw's in Lake Geneva for sandwiches (good Italian beef-don't be fooled because it's in a strip mall)