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Danforth news - Von Donuts

Between Pape and Jones, where Creme Bakery was.

Specialty donuts coming soon.

Fingers crossed.

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  1. how much do you think they will cost? $4 each?

    There is a place on Danforth Ave whose name I can't remember, but they are right around 3300 Danforth Ave. (just east of Byng Ave, north side) and they are selling donuts in that area for around $4 each! Apparently the teachers from the nearby school are buying them.

    I'm not a sucker for specialty donuts, but good luck to them.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      I think you are talking about J'Adore Cakes, foodyDudey.

    2. Donuts? Yum!!!! Can't wait.

      Have you heard anything else millygirl?

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      1. re: kwass

        Milly here :)

        They have a Facebook page - Von Doughnuts.

        If I knew how to attach link, I would. Sorry!

        Nothing about opening dates at this point.

        1. re: millygirl

          Thanks millygirl. Will check it out :)

          1. re: millygirl

            You can just post a link no?
            Here it is, thanks for the heads up. Curious to hear how it is. Hopefully similar to Leche or the other doughnut places in Montreal (that for me are better than local options).

        2. so funny Millygirl. I walked by yesterday and was wondering. Did a search on line and nothing came up. Came on line to see if you were in the know........ ought to be interesting!

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          1. re: Baelsette

            I also did a search online, and wasn't able to find anything either.

          2. p.s. just for the record I have no connection :)

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            1. It's now almost 2 months after your post and there is no action in this location with no work being done in over a month. Perhaps they saw a HOLE in their business plan?

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              1. re: foodyDudey

                Ah no, they just installed 2 very nice looking signs and tweeted the opening is very soon.

                Curious how you would know what work was going on? The windows are completely papered up.

                1. re: millygirl

                  I looked in through a small spot that was not covered up on the left corner of the front window on Wednesday and it appeared to me that nothing was going on inside.

              2. They are going to miss the only official doughnut-themed holiday that I know of (Hanukkah) if they don't hurry up and open already! You have 8 days, Von Doughnuts!!

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                1. re: lucywinchester

                  Many Christians celebrate Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/ Shrove Tuesday and the Polish eat Paczki then ( Polish Jelly Doughnuts) so they should be able to make that date!

                  1. re: foodyDudey

                    Shhhh.... don't want to take the pressure off.

                2. Post City just announced that they're set to open soon. Don't know what they mean by soon though. A week? A month? I guess we'll have to just wait and see :)

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                  1. re: kwass

                    Walked by today and heard saws going!

                    1. re: Baelsette

                      I don't want to be a buzzkill but their FB page features a donut with caramel corn and sour gummie bears on it.

                            1. re: magic

                              On the same donut? Yikes... I get that they're sweet and all but that's overkill.

                              1. re: Nevy

                                It's just such a thoughtless, gross and lazy gimmick in lieu of a real donut.

                                That said I obviously have not tasted their donuts or seen other offerings so we shall see, right. The pic did appear as though the glaze incorporated vanilla beans so that was nice to see.

                                But cripes, just give me a straightforward classic donut (preferably cake!) with no Mike & Ikes or candied bacon on it already.

                                I'm just saying.....

                                  1. re: magic

                                    I wonder what will be on the secret menu? A Rob Fordnut with weed and crack dust? I wonder how long this place will last. I give it till July, if they ever open.

                                    1. re: foodyDudey

                                      Hey, I don't wish this place ill, it'd just be nice for a donut shop to get it right. :) I hope they do, but that FB photo didn't inspire confidence at this early stage.

                                      Enough of these donuts that are more about silly, unappetizing toppings than the actual donut.

                                    2. re: magic

                                      Magic, try a sugar donut at Delica (Paulette's donuts) if you haven't already.

                                      1. re: cheesymama

                                        I have (at Paulette's) and it was delish! Thanks cheesymama.

                            2. Sign in the window looking for bakers....

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                              1. re: GirlRancher

                                I am surprised they are only advertising for bakers now. Sounds like they won't be open till next year. If they plan to make tandoori naan donuts I am sure they will find some bakers in the hood!

                                1. re: millygirl

                                  Why? I am sure that the last thing most people are thinking about right now (Christmas Eve) is some strange doughnut like shown on the FB page. Are you going over to check them out, millygirl?

                                  1. re: foodyDudey

                                    from the comments I read here I expected all of the doughnuts to be unusual/nasty combinations. I just looked at their facebook page and there was one image of a sour key/caramel corn doughnut. Everything else looked pretty good. I'm assuming these guys puts lots of time, effort, and money into opening. Perhaps give it a shot before judging them.

                                    1. re: Main334

                                      I just looked @ their Facebook page as well, and you're right there is only 1 pic of a ridiculously gimmicky doughnut. The rest look fairly good. Looks like I might have to try this place after all.

                                    2. re: foodyDudey

                                      Nope, not today unfortunately.

                                      I will say though, that a bunch of neighbours went to check them out and much to my surprise, the feedback is very very positive so I am eager to get there.

                                      1. re: foodyDudey

                                        I picked up a dozen on my way to work for my those of us working Xmas Eve Day. And I took the leftovers to Xmas Eve dinner @ my brother's house. They promise both yeast and cake donuts, though they only had the yeast ones when I was in (plus donut hole kabobs). I'd say they're restrained (not gimmicky) and good quality ingredients - Valrhona chocolate, Meyer lemon etc. My favourite was Caramel Salt N' Pepa - caramel dipped, Valrhona drizzle, flaked sea salt + crushed mixed peppercorns. I missed the kabob dipping sauce (or it wasn't available). Greek Town was pretty bang on with honey glaze, honey-rum drizzle + pistachios. They sell fancy loose-leaf teas. Didn't try the coffee. I'm a neighbour + I think they'll do well. $2.85/doughnut, no tax for 6 and up, and $29.95/dozen

                                        1. re: GirlRancher

                                          Thanks for the info GR. Will definitely give them a try.

                                          1. re: GirlRancher

                                            Thanks for the rundown! Are you recommending them? Will you be quick to return? Are you able to compare them to what is available elsewhere?

                                            1. re: justsayn

                                              Short: yes, yes, yes. Long: I've eaten all (most?) local donuts. I liked Paulette's b/c I favour cake donuts, though not all flavours worked there (loved blueberry balsamic). Didn't love Glory Hole - they looked over-the-top but impact didn't match visual and there was often too much going on. I've eaten Jelly Modern in Calgary + here - VON is probably closest to them. What I do love about Jelly is the option for a small donut. It beats cutting big ones in 2 or 4 to share. I wanted to love the Donut Factory at Queen/Pape but only went once. I have kids so go to TimH a lot and did Krispy Kreme once in the last year. I grew up here (Y+Lawrence) on Dip n Sip and go nuts for a chocolate eclair or chocolate eclair donut (so hard to find - actually KK does a decent one - choclate iced kreme filled). I've even had the 7-Eleven donuts. So i lean to a filled yeast donut or a cake donut. I got to try five VON flavours + kebabs -- they were all solidly good tho kebabs in spice and sugar tasted just like sugar. I will slowly sample the whole line before picking1-2 faves. All of that said, I'm torn between not liking $$$ donuts (or cupckaes) and wanting to support a new local biz. "MY" danforth runs from Pape to Donland + we East Enders are grateful for all new food businesses as the street slowly fills out. The VON owners seem nice + the shop is lovely and my preliminary tasting was very positive. NOW, on to Xmas.

                                              1. re: GirlRancher

                                                So in your opinion, Von Doughnuts are closest to JMD. I find JMD to be sickeningly sweet...not the doughnut itself, but the icing. Are Von Dougnuts particularly sweet?

                                                1. re: kwass

                                                  Hmm. Can't really answer that really without eating them side by side. It's always fun and surprising to do that kind of tasting. And I probably have a higher tolerance for sugar than others thanks to my "dessert with every meal" husband. But I find VON the same in the pretty/artful/restrained visual way of Jelly -- not thick gobs of icing or sky-high toppings or gaudy concoctions (yet?). Nobody who ate them yesterday remarked on them being sickly sweet, so I'd lean towards saying no, but sweetness is so personal. And like I said, my fave was salt + pepper so I gravitate to savoury anyway. The only negative comment was that the bacon donut was probably best fresh from the oven b/c my friend didn't like cold bacon. I've eaten a lot of bacon donuts (including maple leaf gardens loblaws) and liked VON's the best.
                                                  ((To be completist on my last answer: I also lined up at Beast once for Rachelle's donuts. Remember the apple fritter strongly. But not able to line up at a certain time on a certain day - actually not sure if they still do donuts))

                                                  1. re: GirlRancher

                                                    The Beast does still do doughnuts.

                                                    Interesting that you say that JMD doesn't glob on the icing, because I find that they do. Each time I've had them, I've had to scrape off the icing because it was so thick.

                                                    1. re: GirlRancher

                                                      <The only negative comment was that the bacon donut was probably best fresh from the oven b/c my friend didn't like cold bacon.>

                                                      You're absolutely correct..Bacon sounds great on a donut(or anything else for that matter)..but if it's not fresh from the oven/fryer it's absolutely gross..

                                                    2. re: kwass

                                                      I've tried Von donuts twice this week and have been very impressed. I'm actually not much of a donut eater, so the fact that I have already returned is a compliment to them. The first thing I said when I took my first bite on opening day was "Wow, I'm glad they aren't too sweet!" - so I would say absolutely, no, they aren't sickeningly sweet at all - at least the ones I've tried.

                                                      They have a nice combo of traditional flavours and more adventurous creations and so far everything we've tasted has been a win. So far we've tried the chocolate, carrot cake, their donut holes with the cinnamon sugar, and believe it or not, a dill donut today that blew our minds.

                                                      Our favourites so far were the carrot cake (amazing!) and the dill donut - which came with a deep fried pickle on top - and is so addictive that I'm slightly concerned with this place being just down the street. I know it sounds incredibly strange, but if you're into savoury/sweet and funky flavour combinations, it seriously hits the spot. Maybe I'm just weird, but I'm going back for it.

                                                      If you're not into outside-the-box flavours, they have your traditional chocolate, caramel dipped, cinnamon sugar, PB & J... lots to choose from.

                                                      These are good folks who clearly take their product seriously. Give them a shot. It's nice to have something different open on this side of the Danforth.

                                          2. This is an odd post on blogTO: http://www.blogto.com/announcements/2... It was posted on Dec 17, before VON Donuts had opened, but is written as if they had already opened. (but it's only a one line announcement )

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                                            1. re: foodyDudey

                                              That announcement is for Planet Doughnuts, not Von Doughnuts.

                                              1. re: kwass

                                                Yes, what kwass said.. But, the some of the toppings I guess are equally weird (as per previous discussion... not sure if those toppings made it to the regular rotation or not). And the Planet Doughnuts was from last year (December 2012). I don't even know if it is still open or not.

                                                1. re: ylsf

                                                  Sorry. I Googled "VON DONUTS" and got that link, and didn't notice that it did not mention VON Donuts. I had noticed that last line which said "read my review of Planet Donuts..." but just thought that was to direct the reader to another review.

                                            2. I just went to their facebook page to get a phone # so I could call and find out their hours, and they don't even have a phone # listed...which I think is weird! How do they expect people to contact them?

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                                                1. re: foodyDudey

                                                  That's ridiculous!! You can only contact them via Facebook? Who doesn't have a phone #?

                                                  1. re: kwass

                                                    You didn't see their phone number on the FB page? It is there, just above the "ABOUT" link.

                                                    Cafe ยท Bakery ยท Donuts & Bagels
                                                    713 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4J 1L2
                                                    (416) 901-8663
                                                    Closed until tomorrow 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

                                                    They also made this post 2 hours ago, here is part of it:

                                                    We are looking forward to being apart of all your events, parties and family/friend gatherings as well! Give us a call to place your orders 416-901-8663.

                                                    I didn't look for the number earlier, so am not sure if it was there or if they added it after you mentioned it was not on the FB page. I am going to head over and see what they have, since the pictures I have seen look better than the gross gummy bear doughnut they posted earlier. Also note, it is not called Von Donuts, the proper spelling is VON Doughnuts

                                                    1. re: foodyDudey

                                                      Thanks so much foodyDudey. They had to have just added it, because it definitely wasn't there when I looked. Also, thanks for the info on the spelling. Perhaps that's why I was having a hard time finding the # elsewhere as well.

                                                      I look forward to hearing your thoughts after your visit.

                                              1. Here are some pics from their twitter page.


                                                They have a dill pickle doughnut...I think I'm going to be sick!!!

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                                                1. re: kwass

                                                  As in a sweet donut with a vinegary dill pickle flavour... Holy. Then again, I know some people love bread and butter pickles and those pickles are loaded with sugar (at least that's how my in law makes them). I'm trying to imagine it. I can imagine a deep fried buttery brioche with dill in it but you add the vinegar ingredient and yah... My head exploded

                                                  1. re: kwass

                                                    For dill doughnut description, check out earthmomma's post above. She seems t love them. I'm not sure I'd like it, but I will have to try... Have you tried the doughnuts from J'Adore? I particularly loved the cream-filled, chocolate glazed one.

                                                    1. re: Full tummy

                                                      You're right. I don't know how I missed that. That said, it just sounds so unappealing.

                                                      1. re: kwass

                                                        There is no vinegar flavour in the dill donut. It's lightly sweet with speckles of fresh dill. Just a fun sweet n savoury twist. The pickle spear is a fun little addition but you can take it off.

                                                        1. re: kwass

                                                          I do like the "dumplings" at The Real Jerk, which are just deep-fried dough knots, so I might like a dill fried bun!

                                                          1. re: Full tummy

                                                            Perhaps my criticism isn't fair, since I'm generally not a fan of dill flavour in general...the exception being a Strub's Kosher Dill. But even then, I can't really see it in a doughnut.

                                                            1. re: kwass

                                                              I get that. I definitely wouldn't be attracted to the idea if a dill pickle doughnut, but I do like dill and use the herb all kinds of ways, so maybe....

                                                              1. re: Full tummy

                                                                You might want to give it a try then.

                                                        2. re: Full tummy

                                                          I sampled the dill pickle doughnut (or Dill-Dough as I believe it was called) the other day and have to say it was surprisingly tasty. I almost bought one but decided to go for both the peanut butter and jelly and the Greek one with the honey and pistachio instead. The doughnuts were quite good but the free coffee they were giving away wasn't great. Friendly person at the counter who I suspect was an owner. I will go back.

                                                      2. I went with the family last week. We got a half dozen, which clocked in at around $18, I think. We got the kebabs skewer thing (tasty, though no one liked the caramel sauce), the tequila one (interesting, but I won't order one again), the Salt and Pepa (the fam liked this one most, not me), the bacon/banana/mascarpone one (my fave), the nasty kids' one that's covered in gummies (my 4 y/o daughter's pick) and the lemon one (I'm not sure how it was as my son devoured most of it. I just got a piece with a bit of curd. It was quite good).
                                                        I was happy that they weren't as sickeningly sweet as Jelly Modern or Glory Hole. I had a coffee. It was donut shop coffee, which I define as little taste and strength. The thing I noted most was how passionate the owner was. They are putting all they have into this venture. I'll go back based on that alone. Fine, my mild donut addiction will encourage me to go back to try the ones they didn't have that I wanted to try

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                                                        1. re: air621

                                                          I'm upgrading my previous rating (on the general donuts thread). Now that I've had them fresh (not their fault, I didn't get to eat them until well after purchase on their first day), I'm more impressed. It is definitely true that they are less sweet than most, a comment I heard the owner making as well. They are also well-fried without being greasy (much as I love Elmvale's old-school donuts, they are a tad greasy). Without that grease/sugar hit they really need to be fresh and well-balanced and they are. The creme Brule is great with good quality vanilla bean custard filling and just the thinnest crunchy layer of hard caramel. The banana/bacon one is subtly great (and the bacon is without fatty bits as it should be if served cold... some places doing bacon desserts don't get this). The plain glazed and sugar on the kebab is just fresh, simple & good and again without that crazy sweetness (I skipped the homemade caramel, I bet it's great but seemed unnecessary).
                                                          They didn't have any of the really weird savoury flavours so I'm forced to go back soon. From what I've tasted so far of the way they do flavours I can totally see them working beyond novelty factor. Even the one my kid picked (gummi bears and Chicago mix popcorn...) does call to mind the work canteen treat I once invented based on limited options... Fruit gummies and cheezits. It worked, what can I say.
                                                          They've totally changed the space and are getting chairs and tables soon. I am so happy to have a fun place with some passion behind it on the boring old Danforth!

                                                        2. Went yesterday around 4pm. They were down to about 5 flavours and apologized for not having more options. I consider it a good sign for this place.
                                                          I went with the creme brulee after reading aobut it in Julesrules' post. It was great, good vanilla flavour from the custard and the burnt sugar on top maintained a nice crunch.
                                                          I will definitely head back soon, earlier in the day this time so that there is lots of choice.

                                                          1. Von skewers - very very good. Not achingly sweet as others have said.

                                                            Luckily / too bad I only bought one LOL!!!

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                                                            1. re: millygirl

                                                              Really enjoyed the glazed donut from the skewer as well as the One Night Stand and the Greek Town. Love how they're not as sweet. Will definitely return for more!

                                                            2. I think I'm going to pop by tomorrow and give them a taste! Can't wait!!

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                                                              1. I went this morning, and I have to echo the sentiments of everyone who's been there before me. The doughnuts here are awesome!! In fact, I would have to say, that they might have the best doughnuts in the city.

                                                                I had the kebab, the carrot, the baklava, and the lemon doughnut. The carrot doughnut is a cake doughnut, and it was phenomenal. The baklava doughnut was unbelievable, and the kebabs (I got 2) were fantastic. The lemon doughnut was good, but not great...my least favourite of the bunch.

                                                                And like everyone has said, these doughnuts aren't overly sweet; they also aren't the least bit greasy.

                                                                They were truly fantastic. I highly recommend them!!

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                                                                1. re: kwass

                                                                  Did you eat all the doughnuts yourself or share them?

                                                                    1. re: kwass

                                                                      We went this afternoon and we LOVED them! The staff was very friendly and took the time to explain everything. We had 2, shared them both. We had a salted caramel with chocolate drizzled on top and we had a maple with bacon. Hubbie loved the maple w bacon and I loved the salted caramel.
                                                                      As everyone has said, not too sweet and they were the perfect texture. Truthfully I could have done with a smaller donut (yes I ate the whole thing).

                                                                      Great addition to the neighbourhood!

                                                                      1. re: Baelsette

                                                                        I agree the doughnuts are HUGE!! I was there 1st thing in the morning, and neither the salted caramel nor the maple bacon were out, which is a shame, because I would have liked to try them.

                                                                        I was also disappointed that they didn't have the creme brule today. Apparently, they don't sell all of their flavours every day.

                                                                        1. re: kwass

                                                                          Their website has their daily selections.
                                                                          Lemon is also my least fave so far, it's good quality (homemade curd) but I've never been a huge lemon mereingue pie fan anyway. All other flavours (including the dill dough!) have been good to great so far!

                                                                          1. re: kwass

                                                                            Yes I was going for the brule and was dissapointed it wasn't available.
                                                                            Glad to hear that the carrot was good, that's my next purchase!
                                                                            I'm still full from mine.....

                                                                            1. re: kwass

                                                                              Their website is up and running and there are lists for what donuts are available each day of the week. It's worth returning for the creme brulee donut! They didn't have the kebabs when I went but I'm planning a return trip this week to give them a try.

                                                                              1. re: cheesymama

                                                                                I'm definitely going to go back for the creme brule. I'd also like to try the maple bacon.

                                                                    2. Someone brought some of these lovelies into the office today. We cut them up into small pieces so that we could try more than one. I tried the carrot cake, the greek town and the sappy pig.

                                                                      I can honestly say I think these are the best donuts I've ever had. Not too sweet. Nice cake and yeast dough. Interesting flavours combos.

                                                                      I personally didn't enjoy the sappy pig but I would have eaten three of the greek town without a second thought!!!


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                                                                      1. re: JennaBean

                                                                        I also thought the greek town was utterly addictive!!

                                                                        And I agree with you JennaBean. This is probably the BEST doughnut place in the city.

                                                                        1. re: kwass

                                                                          kwass, how is the cake donut situation here?

                                                                          My preference is cake. I read about the mocha and the carrot cake..... any other cake offerings?

                                                                          1. re: magic

                                                                            I've only tried the carrot cake doughnut, which was fantastic! The doughnut itself was not particularly sweet. It's texture and flavour were right on the mark.

                                                                            They also have a doughnut called the porky monkey and the wake me up, both of which are cake doughnuts.

                                                                            The porky monkey is a banana doughnut, with maple cheese icing and bacon. And the wake me up is a chocolate doughnut with mocha ganache and hazelnuts.

                                                                            If these doughnuts are as good as the carrot, you can't go wrong.

                                                                            1. re: kwass

                                                                              Thanks kwass. Not sure yet if any of these combinations are striking my particular fancy. I'm sure they are lovely, I trust your opinion.... we'll shall see!

                                                                              Deciding between Cafe Olya or Von Doughnuts for a bit of an upcoming weekend indulgence (haven't tried either place yet). So far Cafe Olya is winning. But we'll see :)

                                                                              Thanks for the info!

                                                                              1. re: magic

                                                                                Cafe Olya is fantastic! But obviously they're 2 completely different experiences. Which ever one you choose to go to this weekend, then just go to the other one next weekend :) You can't go wrong @ either place.

                                                                                P.S. The banana cake doughnut doesn't appeal to you? I'm dying to try that one!

                                                                                1. re: kwass

                                                                                  I dunno.... maple cheese icing. I'm kinda tired of bacon on donuts too.

                                                                                  I know, the two spots are totally different. I like your idea, whichever one falls through the cracks this weekend, I'll get to shortly after.

                                                                                  1. re: magic

                                                                                    Let me know where you end up and how it was :)

                                                                            2. re: magic

                                                                              I had the blueberry yesterday and it was fantastic! Tasted like summer, it's also a cake.

                                                                              1. re: LexiFirefly

                                                                                I forgot about that one. Have you tried any of the other cake doughnuts Lexi?

                                                                                1. re: kwass

                                                                                  No went for the first time yesterday, I'll do a full review later in the week. So far, awesome. I don't use that word lightly.

                                                                                  1. re: LexiFirefly

                                                                                    I agree. IMO, these doughnuts are, by far, THE best doughnuts in the city!!!

                                                                                    Can't wait to hear your review!

                                                                                    1. re: kwass

                                                                                      Wow am I ever late to this party!!! This weekend for sure!

                                                                                      1. re: justsayn

                                                                                        They're so good justsayn! You won't regret it!!

                                                                                        1. re: kwass

                                                                                          I'm a believer! I would go right now! : P

                                                                                          1. re: justsayn

                                                                                            Me too, if I could...and if they were open @ this time of the day :)

                                                                                            1. re: kwass

                                                                                              And that says A LOT given your tendency to hit the streets early!

                                                                                                  1. re: LexiFirefly

                                                                                                    OK - now it's tomorrow!!! lol I guess I gave up on donut shops so I was in no rush given that it is crosstown for me.

                                                                                                    1. re: justsayn

                                                                                                      It's out of the way for me too! I tend to be a west-end girl. That said, it's definitely worth the trip.

                                                                                                      Now I'm worried that you're going to be disappointed because of all the hype we've created...hope that's not the case :)

                                                                                                      1. re: kwass

                                                                                                        I think we are 90% in synch on sweets and LexFire also has an "eye" for good tastes!

                                                                                                          1. re: kwass

                                                                                                            But I WILL blame you for making me try six flavours in one day!! Lol

                                                                                                            1. re: justsayn

                                                                                                              I blame chowhound in general for my 1/2 dozen order. But they were good!
                                                                                                              ETA now I'm also sad they will disappoint!

                                                                                                              1. re: justsayn

                                                                                                                I got 6 as well, because I wasn't sure when I'd be back. Just eat them throughout the day. Pacing yourself is key :)

                                                                                    2. re: LexiFirefly

                                                                                      Ok, good to know.

                                                                                      I like cake donuts :)

                                                                                2. re: JennaBean

                                                                                  Noted, Greektown and Carrot Cake are next on the list of "to try"....... yum!

                                                                                3. Went again today, this time to get some to share with co-workers. I tried the Von kabob (mixed), wake me up, sappy pig and pucker up. Hard to pick a favourite - glazed on the kabob or pucker up, although I would have liked more lemon curd maybe injected into the donut. Both the lemon curd and meringue were great and I really like their yeast donuts.
                                                                                  The wake me up was the first cake donut of theirs that I have tried. The mocha glaze was awesome - great coffee flavour which I sometimes find gets lost to the chocolate in mocha. The cake donut was barely sweet (I have a real sweet tooth) and this donut deserved a nice strong cup of coffee.
                                                                                  The sappy pig - great bacon with meat only, no congealed fat, lots of peanut butter flavour from the drizzle but I didn't get a lot of maple from it. Again, I really like their yeast donuts and would order it again.
                                                                                  The general consensus was that people were going to check them out for themselves and enjoy these again in the future.

                                                                                  1. Sorry I'm too lazy to wade through allt eh posts. Can someone please tell me if the donuts taste like Glory Hole donuts or do they resemble jelly modern?

                                                                                    I really liked Glory hole donuts because the texture of the donut (is it what you call a cake donut) was very fresh and fluffy.

                                                                                    I find Jelly Modern sort of like the honey dip texture and quality. I tried "Beasts" donuts and didn't like them either. Too sweet.

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                                                                                    1. re: flonie

                                                                                      They're closer to GHD than they are to JMD. I'd say they're a better version of GHD.

                                                                                      And no, GHD's for the most part, make yeast or raised doughnuts. VON doughnuts does yeast and cake doughnuts, both of which are fantastic. Their yeast doughnuts are like biting into air. They're light, and fluffy, and incredibly fresh. And you won't find VON doughnuts to be particularly sweet.

                                                                                      1. re: kwass

                                                                                        I'll bite kwass...I hope this time I find a donut winner. Disappointed with JMD, Beasts, Sud Forno, that place in vaughan where we were talking about cronuts.

                                                                                        Any good recommendations?

                                                                                        1. re: flonie

                                                                                          The greektown is really fantastic!! I haven't tried the creme brule yet, but I hear it's up there with the greektown. I also highly recommend the carrot. The kebabs are pretty good as well. The only doughnut I'd say you should stay away from is the lemon doughnut.

                                                                                          This place blows JMD away. As for Sud Forno, I'm a big fan, but comparing it to VON is like comparing apples and oranges. Sud Forno doughnuts are quite dense.

                                                                                          1. re: kwass

                                                                                            I am really looking forward to trying this place based on how much kwass loves it . I even saw you promoting it on someone's instagram of another companies doughnuts :)

                                                                                            1. re: ylsf

                                                                                              To be honest ylsf, I was shocked @ how good these doughnuts are!!

                                                                                              And that was abbey's instagram. I actually felt kind of bad about doing that.

                                                                                            2. re: kwass

                                                                                              Full report once we get through all SEVEN types we picked up! :-)

                                                                                              1. re: justsayn

                                                                                                Nothing left except the dill when we went in half an hour later. Huge crowd of people about to be disappointed heading in.

                                                                                                1. re: justsayn

                                                                                                  7 doughnuts? I'm so proud of you :)

                                                                                                  Can't wait for the report!

                                                                                                  1. re: kwass

                                                                                                    Finger Lick'n Good!

                                                                                                    Dropped in around 1 on Saturday to find a full selection to choose from. We went with half a dozen plus a skewer and we had an even mix between raised and cake.

                                                                                                    Walked out with a big huge box of awesome looking doughnuts!

                                                                                                    The raised:
                                                                                                    caramel salt n'pepa
                                                                                                    greek town
                                                                                                    PB & J

                                                                                                    Tough to pick a winner between these three. They were all addictive. The PB & J gets the slight nod ahead given that it is the most familiar of the group to compare to other exact foods. The PB icing was by far the best PB anything I have ever had maybe even better than a spoonful right from the jar. Von manages the remarkable with this perfect not-too-sweet icing. The blueberry jam on top is equally fresh and flavourful with a strong blueberry pop to it! WOW!

                                                                                                    Both the greek and caramel were fantastic too. Great flavour combinations with intensity. The yeast raised was the perfect delivery vehicle for these glazes. Soft, pillowy and absolutely non-greasy, almost to a fault. If they told me they were baked and not fried I would better understand how they do it.

                                                                                                    The cake:
                                                                                                    porky monkey
                                                                                                    dill dough

                                                                                                    No competition here. The porky all the way. Here it is all about the frosting and the fresh tasty bits of bacon. The bacon maple cream cheese combo is perfect. I wasn't crazy about the cake dough in general and the porky was the spongiest of the three we tried. The dough also lacked banana flavour to the point that it could have been plain cake. There was no crisp to the outside of the dough which is a highlight for me with cake donuts...missed having those little nooks and crannies where the oil gets in and almost double fries the edges. This had the consistency of a waffle served on a steam table.

                                                                                                    The mint glazed chocolate cake donut fared just slightly better with a tad bit of crunch and a lot less sponge, but the flavour of the cake was again muted. The mint flavouring and the bits of chocolate on top didn't come together for me. Pefect combo in most situations, but here it just didn't make it for us. We only picked this one to try to get some chocolate in the mix. I really hope they add some chocolate flavours to the menu! They are seriously lacking!

                                                                                                    The dill doughnut was spongey and smooth and pretty boring like the banana. The glaze was ok but we didn't even finish this one. The fried pickle on top was very good. I suppose if I were to try this again I wouldn't have any sweet versions at the same time.

                                                                                                    That leaves us with the raised kabob. Once again a light pillowy grease-free dough. Because of the half dozen well-glazed doughnuts already in-hand, we turned down the offer to add a dipping sauce and went au natural. After trying all of their glazes, we really wished we had selected a sauce. I can only imagine how great it would be. Eating it plain is where you really get to see how "dry" and unsweetened their dough really is. It is a matter of personal taste of course, but I think the dough could use more flavour. It lacks sugar by design which is fine, nobody wants a greasy doughnut but give me a bit more fried flavour, and lastly there's the flavour of yeast which could stand to be more prevalent. I am not a baker but I am sure there is a secret something that could be done to the dough to give it more of a flavour profile other than just adding sugar. After all, the glazed versions have the perfect sweetness and you wouldn't want to mess with that.

                                                                                                    When I am back for my faves I will try the cake again to see if it was an off day for the batter. I will go when the carrot or the voilet is available.

                                                                                                    Well done VON - seriously good eats! Awesome flavours!

                                                                                                    If VON doughnuts opened in my hood, I would buy shares in Levis!

                                                                                                    1. re: justsayn

                                                                                                      So glad you liked it justsayn!!! You definitely have to try the carrot. It has that crispiness on the outside that you're looking for.

                                                                                                      ...shares in Levis...I love that!!!

                                                                                                2. re: kwass

                                                                                                  kebabs? Greektown? Are you referring to the area or is there a donut called kebabs and greektown?!?!

                                                                                                  1. re: flonie

                                                                                                    Those are the names of two different doughnuts.
                                                                                                    Have you seen the FB site? you can see some pictures there.


                                                                                                    1. re: flonie

                                                                                                      And here's the link to the actual website where they show pictures and give descriptions of the doughnuts:


                                                                                                      1. re: kwass

                                                                                                        Thanks for the link, I'm confused though. If you get your kebabs to go, do they put it in a box and still give you the caramel drizzle?

                                                                                                        Also, do I have to call ahead to put donuts on hold before I come here? (too many bad experiences with GHD) I know I shouldn't compare them but I just need to know if they will have some good selection throughout the day or do I have to get here at the crack of dawn.


                                                                                                        1. re: flonie

                                                                                                          I always get there 1st thing in the morning, so I haven't had a problem, but IMO, it wouldn't hurt to call ahead. Why take the chance that they might be out of the doughnuts you want?

                                                                                                          As for the kebabs, I've never gotten the drizzle, but I imagine it's in a little container, kind of like a dipping sauce, so they probably just put that in the box with your kebabs.

                                                                                                          1. re: kwass

                                                                                                            It is in a little plastic container.
                                                                                                            I follow them on fb and I think they are still working out the ebb and flow / supply and demand of donuts throughout the day, but they generally have a decent selection on hand. If you want a specific flavour, definitely call ahead.

                                                                                                          2. re: flonie

                                                                                                            She put on Facebook yesterday that if you have a largish order you can call ahead and they'll put them on hold.