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Sep 26, 2013 12:31 PM

Best place to buy Peking Duck in SF

I usually buy these here or there on Clement.

I have promised to bring three to the East Cost for a dinner so if anyone can recommend a best place to buy on either Clement or in Chinatown I would love to hear your recommendations.

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  1. Previous request.

    Several restaurants mentioned with many more digressions, bun vs pancake, soup etc.
    Five Happiness, R&G Lounge, Empress of China and the soon to reopen Great China in Berkeley.

    1. Guess I'm not certain of your request. The ducks that hang in the deli case windows along Clement are Cantonese-style roast ducks, not Peking ducks, for the vast majority.

      Assuming that you're flying to the East Coast, I suggest that you buy the Peking ducks from Cooking Papa in Foster City, just a little south of SFO on your way out. Here's the Thanksgiving to-go report,

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        That link is very interesting b/c I was wondering how the crisp skin would fare after 6-10 hours of transit (and that is assuming it would be eaten right away not the next day). If leaving on an early morning flight CP wouldn't be an option as it wouldn't be open before lunch dining hours I think.