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Nov 10, 2004 11:07 AM

Best migas in Austin?

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OK, you Austin breakfast junkies - where's the best place for migas (or other alternative breakfast delights) in Austin?


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  1. I'm not an Austinite, but word on the street is that the Tamale House (which doesn't sell tamales, by the way) has some of the best in town. Tamale House is on Airport.

    I've eaten their migas a handful of times, but it's been several years. As I remember, they're open on Saturday mornings but not Sunday mornings, and there's always about 30 people in line, so it's best to call your order in and pick it up. There are no tables inside (at least not that I remember), so it's either eat at home, or eat on the curb with all the other hungover folks...

    GREAT migas, though...

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      Tamale house isn't very good at all. It's certainly cheap....but not quite cheap enough. I haven't tried too many other migas....but of the ones that I have, Mi Madres' and Trudy's are good....but I'm sure there's better.

    2. I think that the Austin Diner on Burnet Rd has excellent migas.

      1. I mean no offense, but skip the Tamale House. I used to live down the street from there and always saw huge lines outside on Saturday mornings and of course figured the place was great. So I went and got a few tacos one day and found out why they had such long lines. It's not because the food is good, it's because they are so cheap. I didn't even finish my tacos and if you could see me you'd know that's saying something. No, go to Mi Madres over on Manor Rd. They make some of the best migas in town.

        1. Everybody knows the best migas are from MAUDIES!! Gotta like serranos though.


          1. Habeneros on Oltorf are GREAT, but also surprisingly good are the ones at South Congress Cafe.

            If up north, Enchiladas Y Mas also makes great migas plate.