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Sep 26, 2013 12:03 PM

Halloween party with restrictions

Hi all! I am throwing a party for friends in my hometown in Norway. As an American introducing this holiday for a few adults and young kids, I really want to dazzle. I need a few filling and "spooky" savory and sweet treats. They might not do well with super spicy foods and one family has a dairy allergy. So far I'm thinking "finger "sandwiches with liver paste cut into finger shapes with an almond fingernail, a chocolate mayonnaise cake (no dairy), bloody marys for the adults and sparkling lime-aid for the kids. Does anyone have a few more ideas?

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  1. Do Norwegian kids eat liver paste?

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      Man, they scarf it down like candy!!

    2. There are scores of threads on Halloween treats but here's a current one:

      I'd suggest looking on eBay for Martha Stewart Living magazine October back-issues. She always goes all-out for Halloween. I think there may even be one or more special Halloween issues (that is, dated by the event rather than the month. They've done special issues for weddings, holiday baking, and cookies, for example.)

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        Thank you! I must not have typed in the right words :) That veggie skeleton in on the menu now.

      2. My sister's birthday is Halloween. Every year my mother made the Witch-shaped cake from the "October" page of this Bakers' Coconut cut-out cakes booklet,
        I suspect that you don't really need to use coconut (if it's not available) although it makes it easier to cover up the seams in the pieces of cake where they are joined.

          1. I've seen people serve dip next to a jack o lantern on a serving tray so it looks like the jack o lantern is vomiting out the dip.