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Sep 26, 2013 11:45 AM

ISO unpasteurized apple cider

Has anyone seen any in Boston or Cambridge? UV treated is fine. I've been checking the farmers markets but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. I'm pretty sure it can only be sold at the orchards themselves. So, you won't find around Boston and I don't think you can really find it inside of 128. My favorite is from Phils apples in Harvard Massachusetts. A new family took the business over this year from Phil, however they are keeping everything the same and still producing his state champion cider. It tastes exactly the same to me.

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      Yes, this is correct - unpasteurized cider can only be sold at the orchards. Phil's cider is excellent; I'm also partial to the cider from Honey Pot Hill in Stow.

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        Ah! Too bad. In past years I got some at the gov center market from a woman who was there selling apples and pears. She didn't seem to sell anything else so I assumed that was all they did. She had great UV treated cider, but this year I can't find her...

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          That may have been Noquochoke Orchards in Westport, MA - they used to do a number of Boston-area farmer's markets but seem to have scaled back this year. They're gone from the Brookline market as well.

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        Is Phils the one on the road to Fruitlands Museum? If so, I had their cider once and loved it!

      3. Here are other threads on this topic:
        You might try calling establishments like Beer&Wine Hobby
        and asking if they can point you to any locals who are making cider in their homes.

        1. I've seen it sold by orchards at the copley and harvard sq. charles farmers markets. It is *so* good!

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            Did you pick it up at Hamilton Orchards? They bring cider to the market from Carlson Orchards in Harvard, MA. I love their honey crisp cider when it arrives.

            And to add to this question. I just wrote a column on crab apples and learned about British scrumpy. It's a hard cider made from crab apples. Has anyone seen any craft or small producer scrumpy in this area? A friend told me the major brands available are not worth trying.


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              Clyde's Cider Mill in CT has many varieties of hard cider. I don't like them myself so never paid much attention to them. They have tastings, etc and a there seem to be many different kinds lined up. I just checked their web site and they don't have a list, but you might want to give them a call. They're located between Mystic and Foxwoods...about 100 miles.

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                Back in the day any decent New England hard cider producer would make their cider from a blend of apples AND crab apples. The tart bite/acid rounded out the flavor. It was considered a necessary aspect of making decent cider. Don't know of anyone doing that today, though someone should.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  I hope some still do. I'm going to do more research and writing on ciders this fall. I'll try to find out who mixes in crab apples.

            2. The FDA promulgated a boneheaded rule over a decade ago that prohibited the sale of unpasteurized cider except directly by the orchard itself. UV-pasterurized cider can at least be fermented by adding a mother from already-fermented cider, but that's not true for any cider with a preservative added (which basically turns it into merely cloudy apple juice, rather than a living beverage).

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                Dowse's cider from Sherborn, pasterurizes their cider with UV.

                And its great.

                1. re: hyde

                  Well, I only care for cider once it's started to ferment....

              2. Tendercrop Farm in Newbury, Rte.1A sells unpasteurized cider from a farm in Maine.