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Sep 26, 2013 11:38 AM

Orleans to P-Town, 1 Dinner

Staying in Wellfleet the weekend of October 4th and not sure what will still be open. Looking for 1 dinner recommendation for excellent food but casual. Open to all cuisines, seafood, small plates, etc.

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  1. Blackfish in Truro would be my choice. However it is a seafood oriented menu if that is a consideration- my DH does not eat fish or lobster and the choices were quite limited at our meal in July.

    1. agree on Blackfish...hope to go there the 20th Oct. after Oysterfest

      1. Blackfish a good choice but is it casual enough? I'd go to Marc's Shack if you want great food in a more casual a tmosphere, and if it is warm you can eat outside under the heat.