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Nov 10, 2004 10:22 AM

Looking for cinnamon chips [HOU]

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Hey all. I've been looking everywhere for cinnamon chips for baking -- they're like chocolate chips, but cinnamon (duh). I think Hershey's makes them, and King Arnold Baking Co. I've checked my local Kroger and Randall's, Whole Foods, and Central Market, nada. Has anyone bought them here, or can recommend a good place to get them online? Do they even exist, or are they a tasty figment of my imagination?? Thanks!

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      1. re: Nicole

        The price on Amazon is for six packages, so the price per bag there is $2.95. Good to know you can buy them in smaller quantities, though.

        1. re: Kirk

          Amazon says they are discontinued. Where else can I get them, the other link posted is out of them also.

    1. Cinnamon chips are available at King Arthur Flour online. I've bought them and they're great

      1. I often have found specialty items like that at candy-making-supplies and baking-supplies stores. Most cities have these specialty stores and they carry all sorts of difficult-to-find items. I haven't had the need for any since I moved to Houston, but that's where I'd start. I'd do something so old-fashioned as to find a Yellow Pages book (do they still have those?) and look under "candy-making supplies" and "baking supplies." It's been my experience that there are home hobbyists as well as professional bakers and candy-makers that keep those stores hopping.

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        1. re: Jaymes

          Well, okay, so never mind...

          Just out of curiosity, I telephoned several of the local candy/cake-supplies stores.

          None of them carry cinnamon chips. I asked if they had ever had anyone else ask, and they each said, "No, you're the first."

          It's starting to look like mail order is going to be your only option.