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Sep 26, 2013 11:18 AM

Vegetarian Downtown?

Looking for dinner options downtown (Downtown Crossing area) for a vegetarian friend who is basically Vegan ( no animal products).

A vegetarian focused place is good, or a place with some option for him to enjoy.

Don't care about type cuisine or price, just the vegan , or vegan option issue.

MAny thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

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  1. Pho Pasteur has a large vegetarian section of their menu with about 20 different dishes. Your friend will need to like tofu, though: only one item doesn't have any.

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    1. You could try My Thai Vegan Cafe on Beach Street in Chinatown. It replaced Buddha's Delight. It is inexpensive and not great, but good.

      You could also go to Falafel King on Washington Street. It is chap and good. A falafel salad plate would be vegan. The falafel is decent. I think that they close at 8:00.

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      1. re: weg

        This place is vegan all right, but I don't think the food is good and I wouldn't recommend going there.

        1. re: femmevox

          What don't you like about the King? Have you been to the new restaurant on Washington Street? I get a falafel wrap every now and again and I thought it was quite yummy and fresh. Still get a falafel dipped in hummus with every order. I also like the new location - bright and happy.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Sorry, all, I wasn't clear. I was dissing My Thai, NOT Falafel King.

            What I don't like about My Thai is that I usually happily eat up gluten/tofu/any faux meat thingy, but in their case they had thick slabs of tasteless unchewable gluten that were really disgusting. I saw portions unfinished throughout the dining room as well. It made me sad, because I know it's not that hard to cook good Asian vegan food--and I'm afraid what they're doing is going to confirm everyone's worst prejudices.

            Speaking of which, you and your friend could try 163 for Veggie Bahn Mi or tofu fresh rolls. No place to sit really, but if it's a nice day, there's the park. Much better example of Asian vegan cuisine.

      2. My Thai Vegan Cafe is vegetarian and vegan focused. It's up a flight of stairs at the corner of Washington and Beach Streets in Chinatown. Very good, though in a huge, rarely-filled space that looks like it used to be a shoe factory.