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Sep 26, 2013 10:58 AM

Best and cheapest grocery in La Petite-Patrie (near H2S 2N5)?


I just moved from the Mile End to the corner of Bellechasse and Chateaubriand (H2S 2N5) and am now wondering where to shop.

I avoid gluten, processed food and sugars and try to eat organic and local when it works with what I have in my wallet. I do eat meat

I am aware that I am right near Pousse l'ananas, but I don't find it that inexpensive. Also, there is a Mondiana on Bélanger to the east of Christophe-Colomb and one at the JT Market... The market itself isn't too bad either. Is there anything that I'm missing? What are your suggestions for fresh produce groceries closeby?

Thank you!

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  1. Too bad, an organic superette opened at on St-Hubert south of Bellechasse a few years ago, but closed. They were anticipating the construction of the Quartier 54 complex, but couldn't hang on.

    Bit of a grocery desert immediately there. There is a Metro just south of the viaduct on St-Hubert (in the northern Plateau, near St-Grégoire, but Metro isn't cheap. I'm sure you've seen the IGA at the corner of St-Zotique and St-André.

    Milano is a gourmet supermarket, but in the wintertime I find their vegetables often a better value and always nicer looking than the chains (which for me includes Loblaws as I'm west and a bit north of you). Have you tried the Southeast Asian shops around St-Denis and Jean-Talon?

    Nothing is as good for local than JTM, except PA in Mile-End. I cycle there two or three times a week until there is snow, then usually walk there at least once a week in the winter (this is also to get exercise, as I work in front of my computer). If you do feel like a bit of a walk, the Intermarché Boyer on Mont-Royal is also very good and has an organic and gluten-free section.

    Once again, I'm sorry for you that the shop right around the corner from you folded before its anticipated client base arrived. Hope someone else opens an appropriate business near by - there are a lot of people in Quartier 54 who would really like something they could nip into for good food.

    You'll have a great library nearby though!

    1. I'm on block south from you and I would be interested in what you can find. I get my vegetables from JTM and condiments from the Asian grocery stores near St-Denis and Jean-Talon.

      I like the small grocery store on Beaubien and Alma.

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        Marblebag and ekatlaterrible, there is also a little fruiterie nut-shop organic products shop at the corner of St-Dominique and Beaubien. And Boucherie St-Viateur, at the corner of Beaubien and Casgrain, has a lot of staples. Even if you are not a meat eater, there are lots of packets of rice, beans, etc as well as Latin American and Italian products, at very good prices.

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          Thanks for the suggestions.

          What I will probably do is sign up to Bonne Boîte Bonne Bouffe again for fresh, in season, produce at cheaper prices.

          Also, I just had a representative from Alimentation Maison visit me today in order to set up an appointment for an info session about their mostly local and organic meat delivery. Apparently, they are less expensive than butchers and groceries although I have yet to find out their prices...

          So those services in combination with what's available in the neighbourhood, the market and my staples from Mondiana will probably be the winning formula for me.