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25th Anniversary Dinner before Theater (45th and Broadway)

I am looking for a good restaurant (money is no object -- within reason) for a Saturday night in the Theater District in November. Help!!

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  1. Can you define "within reason" for you? Is $100pp before tax, tip, wine/drinks within reason, for example?

      1. There are probably twenty to thirty restaurants in that area that meet your criteria. And price is still a question - $100 menu price is fine, okay. What about $150? $200? Is there a total upper limit? Say, $500 all-in? (including wine, tip, etc) $600? One could easily spend that on a tasting menu with wine pairings for two.

        What about cuisine styles? Anything preferred? French, Italian, American, Japanese? Would you be interested in a tasting menu, or do you prefer a standard three or four course meal?

        The question is simply too broad to even know where to begin.

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          As for cuisine, we eat everything, but my husband is not a fan of Indian or Thai.

        2. $500 seems to be a bit too much for a pretheater dinner. If I was spending a whole evening there, maybe. The $100 per person seems like a good number for me. If it goes over, I won't hold you accountable!!

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            If you're willing to go a bit over $100 pp then consider:

            The Modern

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              +1 for Marea.

              Also consider Le Bernardin, Betony, Lincoln Ristorante, Jean Georges, Daniel also does a cheaper pre-theater menu.

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                I love Marea (and I mean really love the place).

                But if the OP's theater is in/around 45th/Broadway, dining at Marea (59th) would mean quite a hike (or taxi ride), which if you're trying to catch a 7:30 curtain call might mean having to dine at like 5, which I just hate.

              1. So this is for pre-theater? Curtain time 7 or 8? I would say Betony but not sure if you would feel rushed if a 7 curtain. The dining room (not the bar room) at Aureole might be something to consider, the location would be good for your theater and the food has been excellent. db Bistro Moderne has recently undergone a remodel (much needed) and the food is great.

                1. The NoMad. It's not in the Theater District, but close enough that you can get there in 5 minutes by taxi. Make a 5:30 reservation (very doable with enough advance notice), and make sure they're aware of your curtain time.

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                    5 minutes by taxi on a Saturday night could easily become much longer than that. They could spend ten-plus minutes just trying to hail a cab on Broadway, then add in that traffic could be moving glacially. NoMad's not a bad suggestion, but I'd hop on the N or R instead - it's right there, shoots right up to 42nd and Broad.

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                      I'd still try for a cab -- it's a hotel, so a good place to grab one -- but the subway is a good option in case there's a problem.

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                      Thats what we did last time. But instead of a taxi we had enough time to walk to the theater (20-25). Dinner was at 5:15

                    3. In addition to Marea, mentioned above already and which I wholeheartedly recommend except for the distance, you might want to look at Vitae, which is closer to your theater location.

                      I was there about 3 weeks ago and really enjoyed the experience, from the service to the food. There's a 4 course chef's tasting that might appeal to you, and which fits comfortably in your budge.

                      (This post reminds me that I have to go back and try the bar menu sometime).

                        1. Knowing the curtain time would make a big difference as well. Most of the theaters on the block have an 8:00 curtain on Saturdays, which gives you a little leeway - you could enjoy a couple hours at dinner, not have to do the "pre-theater special" - and still have a half-hour or more to get to the theater without feeling rushed. If it's a 7:00 curtain though, you're going to be cutting it very close.

                          1. Yes. 8 pm curtain. Thanks everyone!!