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Sep 26, 2013 10:44 AM

25th Anniversary Dinner before Theater (45th and Broadway)

I am looking for a good restaurant (money is no object -- within reason) for a Saturday night in the Theater District in November. Help!!

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  1. Can you define "within reason" for you? Is $100pp before tax, tip, wine/drinks within reason, for example?

      1. There are probably twenty to thirty restaurants in that area that meet your criteria. And price is still a question - $100 menu price is fine, okay. What about $150? $200? Is there a total upper limit? Say, $500 all-in? (including wine, tip, etc) $600? One could easily spend that on a tasting menu with wine pairings for two.

        What about cuisine styles? Anything preferred? French, Italian, American, Japanese? Would you be interested in a tasting menu, or do you prefer a standard three or four course meal?

        The question is simply too broad to even know where to begin.

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          As for cuisine, we eat everything, but my husband is not a fan of Indian or Thai.

        2. $500 seems to be a bit too much for a pretheater dinner. If I was spending a whole evening there, maybe. The $100 per person seems like a good number for me. If it goes over, I won't hold you accountable!!

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            If you're willing to go a bit over $100 pp then consider:

            The Modern

            1. re: Rskneaters

              +1 for Marea.

              Also consider Le Bernardin, Betony, Lincoln Ristorante, Jean Georges, Daniel also does a cheaper pre-theater menu.

              1. re: zeeEats

                I love Marea (and I mean really love the place).

                But if the OP's theater is in/around 45th/Broadway, dining at Marea (59th) would mean quite a hike (or taxi ride), which if you're trying to catch a 7:30 curtain call might mean having to dine at like 5, which I just hate.