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Sep 26, 2013 10:01 AM

dairy Joy Menu

Was passing by today and stopped in for a javaberry cone. Got a shot of the seafood menu for you all.. (3rd time trying to post this, going to try to put the photo in a reply this time instead)

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    1. re: hargau

      Do these prices include the fried clam surcharge that was discussed in the other thread? Probably not I bet. If the small size is respectable, I don't think $17 is terrible for an order of fried clams from a "restaurant" located in one of the more affluent suburbs in New England. I believe Kelly's Roast Beef charges 17 for a plate of fried clams with fries and onion rings. I had the Kelly's plate (Natick location) not long ago and it literally included 2 onion rings and about 12 fries. Not much of a plate. and their fries are awful.

      1. re: Gordough

        That price does not include the surcharge.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          I looked for a surcharge sign and there was none, so i guess that is over...

      2. re: hargau

        Surprised there wasn't a disclaimer at the bottom of the sign stating 'we reserve the right to rob you'

      3. How big is the large sweet potato fries? 11.50!

        1. In my opinion, this place does not warrant one item worth $39 (large clams) or $11.50 sweet potato fries. Weston has the highest real estate values in the entire state I believe so they can ask those kind of prices, personally I'd rather spend $20 in gas and high tail it up 128 to Ipswich or Gloucester and spend half that with sides included. I do enjoy the coffee soft serve at Dairy Joy but again, very inflated price. Not worth it IMO.

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          1. re: rachgrn

            It is that combined with nostalgia and the fact there is basically nothing else in town..

            1. re: hargau

              why would anyone go to Weston? Unless you live there....

              1. re: Madrid

                like hargau said: nostalgia and atmosphere

            2. re: rachgrn

              Whoa! OK, Dairy Joy is expensive, but I think you overstate the case when you suggest prices in Ipswich are half. A large fried clam order feeds multiple people. I don't know the exact size of the DJ large, but the real comparison you should make to a $20 Ipswich serving is to the small or the plate for $24.95.

              Having enjoyed Dairy Joy, Clam Box, Woodman's and Kelly's many times each; I'm always pained by the price of fried clams, just a little bit more so at the local and quaint DJ. More importantly, I'm almost always glad I splurged a bit.

              1. re: PeterHG

                $40 in fried clams ought to feed multiple people. So does the seafood platter at the Clam Box, and the most I've ever paid for it was $25.95 and it fed two adults and one child leaving all three of us in a food coma. Included fries and onion rings I think and cole slaw. Truth be told I've never just ordered standalone clams other than at Ken's in Scarborough Maine (the best in NE in my opinion) and the price was nowhere near $39 - more like $22 and enough for a family of 4. I just like to get what I pay for, and I don't feel that happens at DJ, my opinion only.

                1. re: rachgrn

                  You keep comparing apples and oranges, or at least clams and fried food in general. But your point about the seafood plate illustrates the issue well: the photo shows the seafood plate price to be $29.95. An extra $4 at DJ compared to other places is consistent with my experience.

                  1. re: PeterHG

                    I've never seen a large clams anywhere other than DJ for $39. Their seafood platter that we ordered once was not enough for two unless you were counting calories and it was half the size as Kimballs in Westford. Their prices are
                    The highest I've seen across the board, (9.95 for large fries)-I believe they are catering to Weston residents primarily and that is their focus perhaps . Very interesting that the Hudson location was not open very long, the prices there were not so grossly inflated but they were still higher than anything that area has ever seen. God bless them - the profit margin they must be making is astounding.