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Sep 26, 2013 09:31 AM


I don't know why I'm drawing a blank on this, but I just can't think of an appealing place to have pasta for lunch on the Westside. Any suggestions? Not Il Forno, please - it's across the street from my office and we go there way too often.

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      1. Superba Snack Bar is open for lunch on Thursdays & Fridays. Great house made pastas and 90 minute validated parking.

        1. Hosteria del Piccolo (Santa Monica or Venice)

          1. "Westside" is a big area, is there a geographic range?

            Here's my picks for the 4 corners of the "Westside" for pasta + lunch
            West - Hosteria del Piccolo
            South - Superba (lunch only Friday Sat, substitute Hosteria del Piccolo on Rose for the other days)
            East - Bucato (are they serving lunch yet? If not go with Madeo or e. baldi or Scarpetta, if you can afford it, Il Pastaio or Novocento if you cannot).
            North - Tra de Noi

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              By Westside I meant west of the 405, Venice to Brentwood (but I know it's debatable and I'm not trying to start something here!). I'm based in southeast Santa Monica.