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I don't know why I'm drawing a blank on this, but I just can't think of an appealing place to have pasta for lunch on the Westside. Any suggestions? Not Il Forno, please - it's across the street from my office and we go there way too often.

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      1. Superba Snack Bar is open for lunch on Thursdays & Fridays. Great house made pastas and 90 minute validated parking.

        1. Hosteria del Piccolo (Santa Monica or Venice)

          1. "Westside" is a big area, is there a geographic range?

            Here's my picks for the 4 corners of the "Westside" for pasta + lunch
            West - Hosteria del Piccolo
            South - Superba (lunch only Friday Sat, substitute Hosteria del Piccolo on Rose for the other days)
            East - Bucato (are they serving lunch yet? If not go with Madeo or e. baldi or Scarpetta, if you can afford it, Il Pastaio or Novocento if you cannot).
            North - Tra de Noi

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              By Westside I meant west of the 405, Venice to Brentwood (but I know it's debatable and I'm not trying to start something here!). I'm based in southeast Santa Monica.

            2. Fritto Misto, Colorado and (I think) 7th.

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                      Repeating recommendation for Toscana. Great pasta and venue in Brentwood. I know that many business lunches are consummated there. You will never be rushed by those good folks managing. If you arrive at noon and your meeting lasts for 3 or 4 hours, no one will throw you out. Pasta is always great. If not on menu, ask. You will get it.

                    1. Consider "Hoboken" which is next to Matao on Westwood Blvd

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                        Have not been in ages, but Mateo is way past its prime have to imagine Hoboken is too. In any event, Hoboken is not west of the 405.

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                          Mateo got a makeover but its not the same as in the 70s. But I had lunch at Hoboken a month or two ago. good food reasonably priced. Very close to the 405.

                      2. Clusi Batusi on Sawtelle. No joke. Great stuff.

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                          I adore this place. And I tried their fantastic tiramisu yesterday. Wow, easily the best tiramisu I've ever had, with incredibly pillowy ladyfingers, light & not-too-sweet mascarpone, doused with just enough espresso to be moist but not soaking wet. So light and delicious.. I'm in trouble.

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                            I just wanted to say thanks for this recommendation. Our office is on Broadway and 17th and it is in (a long but feasible) walking distance. We tried because they do not have any parking space and finding a street parking spot is very challenging. However, we love they food. We tried pretty much all of their pastas and we love them all.

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                              Glad to hear you enjoyed it! It's a good spot.

                            1. Sotto, Superba Snack Bar, Ado

                              1. Haven't been but I get some amazing tempting emails from Locando del Lago about their nose to tail dinners and other theme dinners. All sound very very legit.

                                1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! The day that I originally posted, we did end up at Il Forno again, but today we went to Hosteria del Piccolo (Santa Monica), and it was perfect. We sat out on the pretty patio, which itself was worth the price of admission on this beautiful day. I started with the soup, which was a creamy fennel with truffle oil - really delicious - and I also had the papardelle. It's not all that creative, like Superba, but it was very good.

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                                    To clarify, I meant that I think Superba IS creative, whereas Hostaria Piccolo is more traditional.

                                  2. Il Grano has a good lunch special which usually has a pasta course.

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                                      the "business man's lunch" special that they are showing on their website makes no mention of any pasta

                                    2. West of 405, Palmeri has become our favorite place in recent months. Never been to lunch but their website says that their open for lunch. I love their white asparagus salad and Zuccini flowers.

                                      1. Really like lunch on the patio at Il Moro.