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Sep 26, 2013 09:15 AM

Dinner close to the DoubleTree Suite in Cambridge at 7 with a 1 year old..

I'm staying at the DoubleTree and want to have dinner with my husband baby...I wanted to try Highland but it might be too crazy for us...any recommendations on something similar nearby where I can make reservations?

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  1. Where is that Doubletree? I can't think of one in Cambridge. Is it a new one in the Kendall Square area?

    If you meant Highland Kitchen, yeah, 7PM on a Thursday is gonna be quite busy.

    1. Mary Chung's or Rendezvous are in Central Square. You can hit Toscanini's (also in Central) for ice cream after.

      1. Assuming you are at the Doubletree on Soldiers Field Rd, which is actually in Boston but right across the river from Cambridge.

        Green Street Grill is in the same vein as Highland and takes reservations.

        Area Four doesn't take reservations for small parties, however getting a table there usually an issue on Sunday evenings. The original Kendall Square location is very child friendly.

        Here is a past thread (with additional threads referenced within) on the topic.

        1. Cross the bridge to Cambridge and try cafe baraka on Pearl Street off MassAve great Tunisian food and kid friendly

          1. The address is 400 Soldiers Field Rd Boston, MA 02134....also, forgot to's for Sunday. Thanks!

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              You're actually pretty close to Allston. Not sure if they take reservations, but a place like Lone Star Taco Bar might be fun. If you stick with Cambridge, the Central Square area is your best bet.