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Dinner close to the DoubleTree Suite in Cambridge at 7 with a 1 year old..

I'm staying at the DoubleTree and want to have dinner with my husband baby...I wanted to try Highland but it might be too crazy for us...any recommendations on something similar nearby where I can make reservations?

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  1. Where is that Doubletree? I can't think of one in Cambridge. Is it a new one in the Kendall Square area?

    If you meant Highland Kitchen, yeah, 7PM on a Thursday is gonna be quite busy.

    1. Mary Chung's or Rendezvous are in Central Square. You can hit Toscanini's (also in Central) for ice cream after.

      1. Assuming you are at the Doubletree on Soldiers Field Rd, which is actually in Boston but right across the river from Cambridge.

        Green Street Grill is in the same vein as Highland and takes reservations.

        Area Four doesn't take reservations for small parties, however getting a table there usually an issue on Sunday evenings. The original Kendall Square location is very child friendly.

        Here is a past thread (with additional threads referenced within) on the topic. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/9132...

        1. Cross the bridge to Cambridge and try cafe baraka on Pearl Street off MassAve great Tunisian food and kid friendly

          1. The address is 400 Soldiers Field Rd Boston, MA 02134....also, forgot to specify..it's for Sunday. Thanks!

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              You're actually pretty close to Allston. Not sure if they take reservations, but a place like Lone Star Taco Bar might be fun. If you stick with Cambridge, the Central Square area is your best bet.

            2. your hotel is next to the entry for the Mass Pike, by the Harvard Business School.

              I don't want to second guess you but are quieter(not raucous) and comfortable the kind of atmosphere you'd like? And will you be cabbing it?(pretty necessary for that hotel.)

              If yes, i'd rec the Central Sq area as the closest; and Rendezvous is lovely Mediterranean and French/Arabic inspired; consistently a CH fav.(do a Search for looong threads!) AND it's 4 minutes from Toscanini, our justly famous artisinal ice cream paradise. In Harvard Sq are Park and Russell House Tavern, also favs, with broad menus of Regional comfort foods. (They are all more sophisticated and comfortable than the tiny funky Baraka on which i'm just not as keen.)

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                I'm a great fan of Rendezvous and it was recommended. Whatever do you have against Baraka and why would you slam it? When did you last eat there?

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                  My Love says it was Tuesday, Nov 17, 1953. but as i recall it was 2 yrs ago. She's neat,the sister of the very talented Moncef Maddeb ,who started l'Espalier and was a key founder of Boston's modern culinary birth in the early 1970's.

                  tz, really, do you honestly interpret "on which I'm just not as keen" as a "slam"? because if so, i would really worry about your getting close to that little red button.....

                  maybe i'm being over-concerned for petunia. I was just thinking of the stress of travelling with a one year old, and how P might really appreciate the amenities of a Rendezvous.

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                    I'm going to guess and say that you are not a parent of children?

                    Kids aren't (or my kids weren't) into sophistication, and like cool funky places.

                    As a parent of grown children, for me traveling with a one year old was easy, and the 7yo that was always the stress factor.

                    That's said, Baraka Cafe I think would be a great place for an adventurous eating 7yo, and I don't think you can go wrong with Rendezvous too.

              2. "I don't want to second guess you but are quieter(not raucous) and comfortable the kind of atmosphere you'd like?"

                I can't imagine any parents of a one-year-old looking for quiet and comfortable. Perhaps we can suggest some raucous and uncomfortable places for them!

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                  And I can't imagine that patrons in many quiet places are hoping to see a one year old!