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Sep 26, 2013 09:10 AM

BYOs with great food in North Adams MA and Burlington VT

I am going to be driving through the area on my way to and from Montreal and since I usually take these trips with a case of good wine in the car, would love recommendations for good restaurants in both North Adams MA and Burlington VT. If there are good choices that don't let me bring in wine, fine, but BYOs are preferred. Criteria, good food, innovative and local ingredients if possible, nice atmosphere (not loud, not kitchy) good service. Price is not an issue within reason (I don't feel like spending $100 per person) and if there is someplace cheap but really good fine.

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  1. So I didn't think BYO was really allowed in Vermont and I did some poking around. I found this article in Wine Spectator from 2011:

    That says "Of those states with complex laws, Arizona, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont permit corkage only at establishments with no liquor license."

    But then I ran into this: Which lists byob restaurants in Vermont.

    So the whole thing is a bit puzzling to me. :) Maybe TonyO will know!

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      It is not uncommon for a state to require that BYO is only permitted if the restaurant does not have a license. Note however, that MD now permits corkage, and like in DC, the restaurant has to have a license in order to permit it.

    2. Just saw a recent review of Salt in Montpelier that allows BYO so it's at least possible. :)

      1. BYOs in Burlington area are extremely limited: Tiny Thai (Winooski), Pho Dang (Essex Jct.), and Honey Thai (Williston)...Of the three, I would hit Tiny Thai (especially for lunch)