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Sep 26, 2013 09:02 AM

Suggestions for work lunch - pickup or delivery to Temple Hospital

I'm looking to reward my staff of approx. 10 people with a fun and reasonably healthy lunch in a few weeks. Any suggestions for somewhere I could either pick up a catered lunch or who would deliver to Temple Hospital? There are obviously not that many options right in our neighborhood. I was thinking maybe Vietnamese or Mexican if it was light (e.g. tamales and salad).

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  1. I think Mugshots would deliver (they have a catering side)
    Not Mex or Vietnamese but we have had some very nice catered meeting from them. Vietnam restaurant on 11th street also offers a catering menu - I don't know if they'd deliver - but their food is very good.

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      Thank you! I just contacted Vietnam Restaurant, hopefully they can deliver to here.

      1. re: katebauer

        Let us know - I never thought about having them deliver because we are less than a mile away (about a half mile actually) so I have picked up. Delivery would be very convenient in some situations!