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Sep 26, 2013 08:33 AM

Where to for dinner next?

Any glaring omissions from this list? My pick for our dinner club coming up. No Landry's establishments and we try to avoid national chains. I have to pay on my pick for the group of 10 so we typically pick cheaper restaurants (the more expensive restaurants were group picks). We've been to the following over the past 6 years:
99 Ranch Market
Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine
Alexander the Great Greek
Alice's Tall Texan
Alto Pizzeria
Amy's Ice Creams
Antonio's Flying Pizza
Argentina Cafe
Artisans Cuisine & Savoir-Faire
Baba Yega
Bamboo house
Banana Leaf Malaysian Cuisine
Barbecue Inn
Beaucoup Wings n Wings - CLOSED
Beaver's Icehouse
Bering & James
Bernie's Burger Bus @ Lizard's
Big Red Cock
Bijan's Persian Grill
Bistro Calais
Bistro de Amis (Mack's Birthday)
Bitterman's Market Square Bar & Gril
Black Labrador Pub
Blake's BBQ
Block 7
Blue Fish House of Sushi & Grill
Blue Nile
Bocados - CLOSED
Bodegas Taco Shop
Boiling Crab
Brasserie Max and Julie
Brennan's of Houston
Broken Spoke
Brother-in-Laws BBQ
Burger Palace & Bistro
Cafe Brasil
Cafe Ginger
Cafe Mawal
Cafe Mezza
Cafe Montrose - CLOSED
Cafe Moustache
Cafe Piquet
Cafe Pita+
Cafe Zol - CLOSED
Calliope's Po-Boy
Canyon Cafe
Carmelo's Italian Restaurant
Cavatore Italian Restaurant
Cedar Creek
Charivari Specialty Restaurant
Charlie's BBQ
Chatter's Cafe & Bistro
Chelsea Grill
China View
Chispas del Tiempo - CLOSED
Chopping Block
Christie's Seafood & Steaks
Chulas Sports Cantina
Cool Runnings Jamaican Grill
Corner Table
Crave Sushi
Cream Burger
Dancehall Bingo
Dharma Cafe
Diner's Cafe
Dolce Vita
Dot Coffee Shop
Down House
Doyle's of Oak Forest Restaurant
Dry Creek
Eatsie Boys Cafe
El Gran Malo
El Greco
El Jardin
El Pupusodromo No. 1
Ernies' on Banks
Esther's Cajun Cafe & Soul Food
Family Bingo Center
Fat Bao
Fiesta en Guadalajara
Flip 'N Patties
Floyd's Cajun Seafood & Texas Steakhouse
Fred's Italian Corner Restaurant
Gabby's Barbecue and Ribs
Giacomo’s Cibo e Vino
Gimaldi's Pizza
Glass Wall
Good Dog Hot Dogs
Greatfull Taco
Guru Burgers and Crepes
Happy Fatz
Hay Merchant
Himalaya Restaurant
hOla - Mancuso's
Houston Texans Grill
Howl at the Moon
Hubcap Grill
Huynh Restaurant
Incredible Pizza Company - CLOSED
Istanbul Grill
J. Black's Feel Good Kitchen & Lounge
Jamaica House
Jeannine's Bistro - CLOSED
Jenni's Noodle House
Jerry Built Homegrown Burgers
Jonathan's the Rub
Joyce's Oyster and Seafood
Juanita's Mexican Restaurant
Jus Mac
Just Dinner
Khyber North Indian Grill
Killen's Steakhouse
King Biscuit - CLOSED
Kobecue Grill
Kris Bistro
La Guadalupana Bakery & Cafe
La Vista
Las Tortas El Angel
Laser Quest
Last concert Cafe
Latin Bites Cafe
Latina Cafe - CLOSED
Laurenzo's Grille dello Sport
Lemontree Restaurant
Les Givrals Kahve
Liberty Kitchen
Liberty Station
Little Big's
Little Bitty Burger Barn
Little Matt's
Little Woodrow's
London Sizzler
Lucky Strike
Lyndon's Pit BBQ
Ma Goodson's Cafe
Madras Pavilion
Mai's Restaurant
Mak Chin's - CLOSED
Mala Sichuan Bistro
Mambo Seafood
Mancuso's Italian Table
Mandola's Deli
Mardi Gras
Marines Empanadas Delicias
Marini's Empanada House
Mary'z Lebanese Cuisine
Merida Mexican Restaurant
Mi Pueblito
Mia Bella
Miguelito's - CLOSED
Mint Cafe - CLOSED
Mockingbird Bistro
Monument Inn
Moom Tower-Inn Houston
Mop's Grill
Morningside Thai
Mr. Peeples
Natachee's Supper 'n Punch
Nazif's Turkish Grill & Deli
Nidda Thai Cuisine
Ninfa's On Navigation
Nosh Bistro
Old Heidelberg
Open City
Out of Africa - CLOSED
Pagoda Bistro
Pampa Grill & Market
Pan y Agua - CLOSED
Pappas Bros. Steakhouse
Patrenella's Ristorante Italiano
Peking Cuisine
Petrol Station
Pho Binh by Night
Pinot's Palette
Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana
Pizzeria Solario
Plonk Bistro
Polonia Restaurant
Pondicheri Cafe
Poscol Vinoteca
Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen
Raia's Italian Market
Rainbow Lodge
Ravin Grill
Ray's Franks & More - CLOSED
Red Lion Pub
Reggae Hut
Revival Market - Hog Butchery Demo
Richmond Chill Bar & Grill
RIPPS Grille
Riva's Italian Restaurant
Riverside Terrace Cafe - CLOSED
Roznovsky's Hamburgers
Rudi Lechners
Ruggles Green
Russo's NY Pizzeria
Sabetta Cafe & Wine Bar - CLOSED
Saffron Moroccan - CLOSED
Saint Dane's Bar & Grill
Samba Grille
Sammy's Wild Game Grill
Samurai Japanese Steak and Sushi
Saute - CLOSED
Sawadee Thai
Scotch Tasting and Dinner
Secos Latin Cuisine
Seoul Garden
Shepherd Park Draught House
Skewers Mediterranean Cafe & Grill
Smash Burger
Solea Cafe
Soma Sushi
Spanish Flower
Spanky's Pizza
Star Cinema Grill
Star Pizza
Stella Sola
Stockyard Bar-B-Q
Straits Restaurant
Studio Movie Grill - "The Hangover"
Sundance Cinema - "TED"
Surprise Birthday Party at Smith's House for Chris
Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen
Tacos A Gogo
Tampico Seafood
Tango & Malbec
Terlingua Border Cafe
Texans Ice House
Thai Bistro Restaurant
That Pizza Place
the Big Mamou Cajun Restaurant
The Burger Guys
The Counter
The Refinery - Burgers & Whiskey
The Spaghetti Western Italian Cafe
Tilted Kilt
Tintos Spanish Restaurant & Wine Bar
Tiny Boxwoods
Tiny's #5
Tony Mandola's - Miracle Location
Tony's Mexican Restaurant
Top Golf
Torchy's Tacos
TQLA Houston
Troy's Dawy House - CLOSED
Turquoise Grill
Twin Peaks
Two Saints Restaurant
Union Kitchen
Valhalla Bar
Vida Tex-Mex
Vieng Thai
Vietnam Restaurant
West Alabama Ice House / Papou Jerry’s Gyro Truck / Tacos Tierra Caliente
Wharton County Youth Fair
Witchcraft Tavern & Provision Co.
Woodrows Heights
Yelapa Playa Mexicana - CLOSED
Zabak's Mediterranean Cafe
Zimm's Little Deck

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  1. Verona Flying Pizza- Really good pizza

    Carter and Cooley-Nice reuben

    Vietnam Coast

    Laredo's-inexpensive tacos, get the asado de puerco

    1. What great fun.

      Biryani Pot (My new favorite lunch spot - but seating ten might be a problem)

      Kasra Persian

      El Pueblito Columbian

      Mexico's Deli

      Tejas in Alief

      Can't think of anything else. I kept thinking "Oh yeah..." and then looking only to find it already listed.

      Quick question though, if you've been to all of those places - WHERE ARE THE REVIEWS?

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      1. re: DoobieWah

        Thanks for the response. Definitely will try out Biryani Pot. I can't believe I've never been to Laredo's despite driving by it all the time. We don't have reviews although we do link to the restaurant's website or a review site. Happy to comment on any of the restaurants on the list if your curious about one.

          1. re: DoobieWah

            Reviews by others more capable than me are everywhere on the web so I don’t think detailed reviews would be worth much. More telling, perhaps, would be which on the list we return to on a fairly regular basis. It’s been 5 years for some of these on the expanded list but here are the ones I crave regularly:

            Alice's Tall Texan – Dive bar with cheap beer. Always a good scene.
            Anvil - Opposite of Alice’s but great cocktails
            Barbecue Inn – Houston classic. Must be tried for its timeless nature, if not the fried chicken alone
            Big Red Cock – we’ve been back for brunch multiple times
            Brennan's of Houston – love everything about this place
            Dolce Vita – Da Marcoesque pasta at pizza joint prices
            Giacomo’s Cibo e Vino – in our regular rotation for fresh pasta and a quick, easy meal
            Grimaldi's Pizza – good, new york style pizza
            Good Dog Hot Dogs – delicious corn dog
            Himalaya Restaurant / London Sizzler – can’t go wrong with either
            Killen's Steakhouse – worth the drive to Pearland from anywhere in the greater Houston area
            Kiran's – the whole gulf snapper is unreal
            Mambo Seafood – Michelada’s and fried seafood
            Miguelito's – CLOSED – I miss their Venezuelan tequenos. Fortunately you can now get them at
            Pappas Bros. Steakhouse – closer than Killen’s
            Petrol Station – if you can get past the hipster’s unwillingness to serve you the burger in less than an hour, it’s good
            Pico's – looking forward to the new location at Kirby and Richmond, mostly for the margaritas
            Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana – my favorite Neapolitan pizza in town
            Pondicheri Café – great for lunch
            Poscol Vinoteca – it appears I like all thing Marco Wiles
            Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen – good for happy hour with Indian small plates to share
            Revival Market - Hog Butchery Demo – fun night if you’re into hog butchery
            Tampico Seafood – another great place for whole snapper
            Torchy’s – I only go after returning to Houston on a late flight. Honestly I preferred its predecessor Grateful Taco.
            Underbelly – some truly great things on their ever changing menu
            Vieng Thai – delicious. He’s stopped posting due to what he says is a lack of interest, but has VERY opinionated and informed reviews of a few Asian restaurants as well as others.

            1. re: moonlightg

              Nice job Moonie!! And thx for the new foodie link too!

      2. Side by side on the Katy Freeway, Pappy's and Mason Jar. Doob's surprised you didn't mention Pappy's. Don't sit in front of the bar at Mason Jar as they allow smoking.

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        1. Los Dos Amigos, although a table for 10 might be a squeeze. V's for Vietnamese is very good. Pho One. El Real? LOPEZ. Pistolero's. Spanish Village. Amazon Grill. Triple A (duh). Rudyard's Pub does a surprisingly good job in the kitchen. Van Loc! Veracruz Steaks and Seafood.

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          1. re: Lambowner

            Correction: V's is Thai not Vietnamese. Still good.

          2. North China for good Mandarin Chinese. I saw lots of Asians at the Frost Wood location before it closed and they opened the new Katy Freeway one. Try the sizzling rice soup.


            I also like Daniel Wong's Kitchen.