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Sep 26, 2013 08:30 AM

Hell's Kitchen Area

Hi, my husband and I will be arriving in NY Sunday 9/29 for 3 days, we are looking for some good and reasonable price places to eat at in the Hell's Kitchen area. We are staying at the Hampton Inn North, and taking in a show Sunday night.
Any suggestions would be appreaciated. We like Mexican, Italian, etc, also any good places for breakfast.

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  1. Price point? And any reason for just Hell's Kitchen, NYC is easy to get around and you might want to expand your horizons.

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      I strongly agree that limiting yourself to the hells kitchen area you will miss some great nyc food that is an easy ten min subway ride or cab away....

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        Than please give me some suggestions as to places to go. Thank You
        I thought the HK's area had a good amount of good places to eat , I guess I'm wrong so I would love to hear other suggestions. Thank you to all that answered me.

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          Have you spent any time searching this board? Have you gone through all the links Kathryn provided?

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            You are not wrong. Lower Manhattan is a food mecca and no other neighborhood in the city can compare, but it doesnt mean there's nothing good to eat in HK.
            The area has transformed in the past 5 years. When I first started working here 12 years ago I was really bummed about the food situation (moved from 5th and 23rd) but nowadays there are plenty of interesting options.
            The places mentioned here like Pure, Mercato, Danji, Ippudo, the Bodegas, the bakeries (sullivan), the pizza, middle eastern (taboon, gazala's) and more can rival with some of the better ones in town.
            I wouldn't mind being "stuck" here for a week or 2 at all.

      2. Hampton Inn North is on 8th and 51st, correct? You're within easy walking distance of many places, including those near Columbus Circle, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center.

        Toloache, Pure Thai Cookhouse, Danji, Shimizu, Don Antonio, Totto Ramen, Ippudo, etc. are nearby.

        Where is your show?

        1. Price point is just reasonable nothing too outrageous. The only reason I said Hell's Kitchen is that it's just a very short walk from the hote. and the last time we were there (maybe 5 years ago we loved that area. Please feel free to suggest other areas or places. I didn't want anything in Times Square only because I feel it's too pricey and too touristy. The show is at the Gershwin Theatre West 51st St.Monday is open all day for taking in the sights and maybe a little bit of shopping any suggestions for that? Thank You all so much

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            > I didn't want anything in Times Square only because I feel it's too pricey and too touristy.

            There are actually some worthwhile places near Times Square these days.

            Where to Eat Near Times Square:

            Best coffee in Midtown:

            > Gershwin Theatre West 51st St.

            Toloache is very close & a popular pre-theatre spot on CH. Make a reservation.

            > Monday is open all day for taking in the sights and maybe a little bit of shopping any suggestions for that?

            Making suggestions for sightseeing and shopping is outside the scope of Chowhound. The moderators tend to prefer we stick to food and drink discussions.

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              Sorry, I didn't see that you wanted to avoid Times Square. That was a "first night in New York" thing for us because it is so close to the Hampton Inn. I'm going again in November (Hilton Club) and I feel like a veteran New Yorker now.

            2. I live in Hell's Kitchen myself but seldom eat in the nabe unless I absolutely have or am just ordering delivery.

              I'll second kathryn in that Pure Thai Cookhouse, Danji, Ippudo West, Totto Ramen, Don Antonio are all good options within walking distance of your hotel. I'm personally not a huge fan of Toloache, it's a little tacky and touristy as you may expect. For breakfast and snacks, I'd also recommend Sullivan St. Bakery, and Je & Jo (ice cream). There is also a Shake Shack near on 44th and 8th ave.

              If you're looking to explore other areas in the city (since you're staying for 3 days and it would really be a shame if you never left Midtown), then you can wander down to West Village, East Village, LES, or even out to BK and Queens.

              I think hounders would be better able to make suggestions if you name specific types of cuisine you're looking to have, style/ambiance of the overall experience, and a more concrete budget.

              1. Oh just realized you mentioned Mexican and Italian. Honestly your options are not that great in the Hell's Kitchen area unless you're okay with hole in the wall bodegas for Mexican and very touristy Italian (Becco, Carmine's, etc.). Esca is good but quite pricey...

                Again if you're wiling to venture out of the area, you have a plethora of options for both cuisine.

                Italian: Babbo, Scarpetta, L'Artusi, Torrisi, Barbuto, Charlie Bird, Dell'Anima, Perla, Osteria Morini, Otto & Lupa (cheaper and more casual of Mario Batali's restaurants)

                Mexican: Empellon Taqueria, Los Tacos no. 1 (inside Chelsea Market). A lot more authentic choices in Elmhurst, Woodside (Queens).