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Sep 26, 2013 08:25 AM

Food related Souvenir

Hey guys,

Parent's are in Vancouver right now and asking me if I would like them to bring back something as a Souvenir...Anyone here have an idea of what they could bring back that I can't really get here in Ottawa/Montreal? Food/Cooking related? I have no clue...

I love cooking (Asian and Indian) meals...Any cool stuff they could bring back?


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  1. i know there's a thread on here from a few months ago about similar topic

    i know that one of the places cited is this one on Granville Island

    i see in one of the pix on their website that they have Summerland Sweets - that's an old Okanagan business - I don't know about hi fructose corn syrup content in this day and age up there - you'd have to check online. The blueberry syrup is commonly avail at Super Valu and IGA out here - don't know about other shops.

    then again - some people carry fish on aircraft - see recent thread - someone from Trto.

    blackberries are wild bc - do you have those in ON?

    certain wines - but you have that in ON - and is it legal to cross provincial borders with wine and other alcohol? Isn't that an old law from prohibition? I think so. the Okanagan MP is working on it, he says. But is there a local vodka out here - I am not an expert on that category.

    salmon - obviously

    certain cheeses (comox, poplar grove, etc - but you have lots of dairy in ON


    ... i know what you mean about food souvenirs - i've brought potatoes from a farmstand in NS - and jam and sausage from a Mennonite farm we personally visited near St Jacobs - what else? well, a lot of Trader Joes from USA ; )

    have a look at this magazine - it gives you a quick synopsis -

    EDIT to add- how about some artisan BC sea salt - like alder smoke - alder is a typical deciduous semi-hardwood out here on the coast - there are several brands out there - Vancouver Island Salt - and Salish Salt come to mind. That said, I don't know if they're using an imported sea salt then infusing the smoke somehow - You'd have to read up on it.

    There is also a small mill out in the Fraser Valley (outskirts of Vanc, the famous BC Fraser River valley) - Anita's Organic Mill - they have some mixes and straight products - incl shortbread mix etc.
    - some of these items are in the normal supermarket, like Super Valu and IGA Marketplace out here.
    hope that helps.

    Murchies is old time Vancouver - tea company - they have a blend called Empress (after the famous hotel) -----

    lots of local coffee roasters - one for each town almost!

    1. thanks for the load of ideas! What about Local beer?

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        i am not an expert in that realm - tho there are many and upstarts to this day - Persephone (Beachcomber Brewery where you have to go there and buy - not on the gov't list - that applies to wines too - like Elephant Island (EDIT - what i mean is don't fall for ice wine product from BC in general - i don't understand the glory) instead - get something from Elephant Island which is avail at specialty stores like the one in Olympic Village I believe -check the EI website - the apricot and the framboise - wow. straight for a dessert - or pour over really good ice cream or a vodka martini - no olive ; )

        their new website is not very appealing (what are they thinking?! that horrifying photo-shopped looking image of them with the OK Valley view in background - their old website was way better and more "them" --- so don't be deterred, their actual winery setting is the magic - what a view and history to their property - her grandmother I think?) - anyway - start here -

        i assume your folks are flying so I don't know how they'd carry on

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          Your best bests* for local beer selection are
          Brewery Creek (Main at 14th-ish)
          Firefly (Cambie at 12th)
          Legacy (Olympic Village)
          Darby's (4th at McDonald)
          Granville Liquor (Granville at 10th)
          Also not bad:
          Viti on Seymour
          Steamworks on Water street

          Any of the above will have helpful beer enthusiasts on staff to stear you to a good choice. Various local fresh hop beers are coming out now if you're after something seasonal (Driftwood's Sartori if you're lucky enough to snag one! Blink and it'll be gone). GIB has also just released a fresh hop esb that should be easy enough to find.

          (*I'm sure there are more - these are the ones I'm most familiar with)

        2. Great, Ill let them know. bottles just need to be properly wrapped. Thanks again.

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            If they can find the Parellel 49 brewery's Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale it's awesome!