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Sep 26, 2013 07:57 AM

Seafood restos in Richmond

Will be in town for one night beginning of November and am looking for a good seafood resto, possibly one that has an all you can eat crab legs too on the menu. will be staying downtown at Hilton Garden.

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  1. Richmond is not a great seafood town. One choice is the Hard Shell @ 1411 East Cary St.
    One place I find truly exceptional, especially if you like oysters, is Rappahannock @ 320 E.Grace & 4th.

    1. 1Buckeye nailed it. Only other suggestion I'd add is the Boathouse.

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        Yep. Am aware of but haven't tried that one. Understand the Rockett's Landing restaurant on the James River is really scenic as well.

      2. Have searched a little more because I am a seafood lover too. Live in Williamsburg but visit Richmond often. If you don't mind a 15-mile, drive Pescados in Midlothian is well reviewed and recommended for a Latin American / Caribean take on seafood. Haven't tried it, but will soon. Maybe other Richmond natives who have been there could weigh in If you want to stay downtown, you have 3 good recommendations. Welcome to VA.

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          Pescados is "okay" at best. If you live close by and want a quick, week night meal, it works. I would not travel more than a couple of miles to eat there.

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            The whole fish at Pescado's is one of my favorite things to eat in Richmond.