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Sep 26, 2013 07:34 AM

Left over polenta

I made polenta last night for the first time, and had a lot of leftovers. I immediately smooshed it into a cake pan, it had hardened a bit already so it is not perfectly even but it is about 2cms thick.

I know I can cut it up and fry it. What else can I do with it? What do I serve it with? can I freeze it?

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  1. Polenta fries with garlic aioli. Use it like pasta. Casserole. Yum

    1. Saute some mushrooms, put some good cheese on top and bake.

      Pour a nice pasta sauce on top and bake.

      Make sides of it with melted butter on top.

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      1. re: LulusMom

        it's brilliant with mushrooms and gorgonzola.

        yes, you can freeze it.

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          When I've frozen it, it's been very crumbly when thawed. Does it need a bit of recooking to be made into a cake again? On the other hand, maybe I didn't compress it enough before freezing.

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          This is what I am doing for dinner tonight. I mix fresh portabellos with a reconstitued dried mix of mushrooms, sauteed with some rosemary, and with some soft the goat cheese that gets all melty and mixes with the mushroom "gravy"....yum

        3. I like it with melted cheese topped with a really spicy salsa.

          Makes a nice base for underneath short ribs/meatloaf/pot roast and sauce or gravy.

          It freezes really well (think tamales).

          1. Make a polenta lasagne! Cut the polenta in rectangles, and layer/sauce/bake as you would a lasagne with pasta. Just spread polenta with ricotta/egg/herb mixture, then layer in some tasty veggies (roasted eggplant and mushroom would be great for fall!), layer with cheese and sauce, and bake untill cheese is bubbly!

            1. so one thing I am realizing then is that I can cut, fry and serve with anything saucy or cheesy? Any sort of stew as well.

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