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Sep 26, 2013 06:16 AM

Bar Harbor trip

We are heading up to Mt Desert Island next week, staying in Hull's Cove. We come up every year. Would love to know if there are any new restaurants we should try. Did I read that Cleonice opened another restaurant? We like Havana, Cafe This Way, Cleonice... We have not been to Burning Tree in years so we might try there one night. Thanks for any help!

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  1. on this board just saw a bad mention of havana, fyi. we really liked it there when we visited yrs ago but the orig owner sold, but then last yr when we visited, we were told that he was back. if you go plse report as we are hoping to go up mid Oct.!

    that said, last yr we loved Burning Tree(Ate there twice; great people) and Cleonice(tremendous Paella); liked Red Sky; heard good things about Mache. Cleonice was going to move and join w/ their other place(pizza?) XYZ had closed for the season when we visited last yr but we had eaten there before and really found it interesting. Quite a unique scene.

    In Camden we had the most wonderful Thai lunch that we had read raved in NYTimes. Long Grain. and Francine great for dinner. Couple exc lunch spots in Belfast i just saw on this board.- The Gothic, and Chase's....

    finally found my detailed Maine report from 2012:

    1. Thanks for your great reply! We have had a few so so meals at Havana so that does not surprise me. We ate at Burning Tree a long time ago, but it gets good reviews so look forward to trying it again. Red Sky was on our list also. We tried Mache last year and just thought it was okay. Cleonice is always good! Will report when we return!