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Sep 26, 2013 12:38 AM

Ideas for dinner w/a large party at the last minute [San Francisco]

I have a bunch of family coming to SF to visit next weekend, and no one is being helpful at all with respect to planning our time. I am fairly certain that everyone will want to go out together for meals, but won't figure out when until the last minute. I am also certain that they will then turn to me and expect me to suggest good restaurants that can take a party of TEN without a super long (hour +) wait.

Any ideas? They usually prefer Asian food, but I will be happy with anything that tastes delicious. Ideal suggestions would be for places that are less expensive and less crowded (but still good). <$40 w/o alcohol would be great, but could go higher for something special.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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  1. wow. tough crowd.
    seating a party of ten anywhere without a long wait or a reservation is fairly hard in this town and especially harder on a weekend.
    If you have acess to cars, or want to brave the trains, i would suggest poking around some of the restuarants around the Parkside neighborhood in the Sunset (i have heard good things about Riverside Seafood on Vicente, and if you go early enough, you can get a big table at Hot Pot Garden, but i am told you have to get there right when they open). Otherwise, some of the larger older taqueria's/restaurants in the Mission might fit the bill (taqueria San Jose, Casa Sanchez (which has a nice outdoor patio, El Zocalo, which makes awesome pupusas)
    Is the purpose to have fine dining? or is the prupose to have a nice meal with a large family contingent? If it is the latter, then you need to go to where the extended families live, so i would recommend the outer mission or deep sunset or perhaps some of the older restaurants along Ocean Ave. Also, if you want to drive and the weather is nice and clear, Nick's Rockaway Beach in Pacifica can usually accomodate big parties on short notice and has a great view and edible food and sometimes on weekends they have 3 and 4 piece jazz lounge bands in their bar. Good luck. having family come visit is always stressful, especially when it comes time to eat!

    1. Give a call before you go, but Poquito, Mandalay, Angkor-Borei, Helmand Palace, Izakaya Yuzuki, Old Mandarin Islamic, or Maykadeh might be able to handle a party of ten on short notice.

      On Saturday nights, Aquitaine is deserted.

      1. Cool, thank you both!

        The purpose is just to have a nice meal. I have been trying to get something organized for weeks, but I finally gave up. My family is from Singapore, where you can bring a gang of people into any hawker center whenever you want and eat pretty well. So they don't want to plan, but also have no patience for waiting.

        So I appreciate your advice! It'll be good to have some ideas ready, although it's also possible that they'll want to wander around and just stop in the first restaurant that looks like it can accommodate us.

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          What about Yank Sing? You might be able to make a reservation for a large party.

        2. I can vouch for Riverside and Old Mandarin both being delicious, if it helps any!

          1. The Old Clam House? Not super-duper, and not really centrally located, but people like it and it always seems to have biggish groups enjoying themselves.