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Sep 26, 2013 12:35 AM

2014 Michelin stars Opinions

What does anyone think of the new stars; the London changes are listed below?

Two Stars - New
Dinner by Heston- I have not been in a while but sceptical about this.
The Greenhouse- I have not been under the new chef but have had a few top class meals here in the past.

One Star - New
Ametsa- hmm... maybe at a very long push but still was very disappointing.
Angler- have to admit I barely have heard of it; I don’t it is in the GFG for example.
Bo London- may deserve it on technical cooking but still some dishes are a bit just weird in terms of flavours and it is so overpriced (I know this does not matter but still...).
Brasserie Chavot- the food there was very good so in terms so best in its category, yes probably.
HKK- def. deserves this, I think this could perhaps get a second in the future.
Lima- had a very nice meal there but not sure.
Outlaws at the Capital- not been but mainly because I keep hearing average reports.
Social Eating House- I had a very good meal there but I think this is possibly too much as a recent meal in PSS was still much better and I don’t think PSS merits 2.
Story- have not been get but keen to try.

One star, down from two
L'atelier de Joel Robuchon- I had a very mixed meal here this year so not that surprising.

Lost star
Petersham Nurseries- change of chef.

I have not been to any of the new ones in the rest of England or Ireland.

Anyone obvious missing? I would be interested to know if the Glove Club was overlooked or is just a bit too new.


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  1. No idea about the London places but it's good to see the Samling regain its star (yet again).

    And disappointing to see the Dining Room at Mallory lose theirs.

    As regards the Bibs, the award to Prashad has to be welcomed. It really does feed you in the spirit of the Bibs.

    It seems a particularly conservative and, indeed, London-centric set of results this year - perhaps further marginalising Michelin from the real eating experience of most Britons.

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    1. re: Harters

      I agree it is pretty conservative in some ways and there may be signs of nepotism.

      Dinner by Heston- sister rest. of a 3 star.
      Ametsa- sister rest. of a 3 star .
      Bo London- sister rest. of a 2 star.
      Brasserie Chavot- chef is the former holder of 2 stars.
      HKK- sister rest. of two 1 star places.
      Outlaws at the Capital- sister rest. of a 2 star.
      Social Eating House- sister rest. of a 1 star.

      However, it is nice to see 2 more Asian cuisine focused restaurants as well as the first Spanish and South American places on the list.

      1. re: restaurantsandrants

        If indeed there is nepotism (and I see what you mean - I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable about places in the capital to have spotted that in all cases, then we can look forward to Rogan getting a star for his new Manchester place. There just wouldnt have been time before this years awards.

    2. Brasserie Chavot's got one Star? By the whisker, I should think.

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      1. re: klyeoh

        Agreed, it is very nice at what it does but compared to a lot of other 1 star places it is very simple safe food.

      2. I was suprised to see Dinner getting a second star, mainly because of the casual atmosphere of this huge restaurant. I think it sits more that 100 people maybe 150. I have a reservation in the near future to see whats what.

        I know Arnault Bignon of the Greenhouse that he is really talented. He was in L epicure with Eric Frechon, and then left to Greece to be head chef of the two michelin star restaurant Spondi until we went to England.

        I still wait for the Ritz restaurant to get even 1 star and Aspleys (under 3star chef of La Pergola Heinz Beck) or Hedone to get a second.

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        1. re: Giannis

          >> ... or Hedone to get a second.

          Interesting to see that Andy Hayler rates Hedone a solid Michelin 2* after 40 meals there .... an 18/20 in his rating system and only the Fat Duck is rated higher in the UK by Andy.