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Sep 26, 2013 12:25 AM

Cake w/diplomat cream early assembly?

Hi. It's my boyfriends birthday tomorrow and I'm going to make him a fraisier as that's his favorite cake. However I don't have strawberries, but I have peaches. So it's going to be a pechier. Anyway....

It's basically two layers of genoise with either pastry cream or mousseline betwixt, and fruits. I am going to do pastry cream but I want it a bit lighter so will lighten with some whipped cream

He comes home at 6ish and we will goto dinner 7:30-8ish... Be gone 1.5-2.5 hours... So home around 10 let's say. When can I assemble it? I could aim to have it finished and in the refrigerator by 6 so it's ready for when we get back. Or will it all leach out or melt? I will keep a low ratio of WC to PC, maybe .5:1. Or .5-1.5. Maybe that will aid in stability? I could assemble it when we get home but that means it will get in the refirgerator 10:30-11 and then needs to sit for at least 45 minutes is my guess. By the time we eat it it won't be his birthday anymore.

I'm probably over thinking this but any tips/assurances are much welcome.

Edit. Won't be using gelatin and I'm trying to make a relatively small cake as it's just two of us, but once cut will it last? If it falls apart he will still eat it, but in that case I'd rather make two smaller cakes than one medium one.

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  1. I think you're overthinking, too! Make it in a springform pan the day before and refrigerate. With the leftovers, put the ring back on, and cover w/ plastic wrap.

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      I don't have a springform so I've rigged a milk carton :) it's a box shape I'll see if I can keep it after it's molded so I can place it back on. In case it's funky I'll have to cut it off, I'm hopeful!

      I'm going to make it day of. If I make it today, the refrigerator is so small I risk him seeing it hehehehe. Thx

      1. re: youareabunny

        Good luck with it! You could also just use a transparency, cut to the height. Wrap around the cake and tape, like grocery stores and bakeries do. Floral paper also works--just ask for a sheet at the florist at the grocery store.

    2. No worries, you can assemble earlier in the day and keep it in the fridge. It will be fine and will actually taste better, I think.

      I made this cake with layers of just pastry cream lightened with whipped cream, no stabilizers. Chopped strawberries in the layers, too. Served it the next day, no leaking, no leeching.

      1. It's held up so well! Even when my whipped cream didn't whip as much as I liked.

        I made the cornet too small so my writing was tres ugly. Next time ;).

        And some happy brownies which ended up looking a bit creepy.

        1. your boyfriend must be pretty special with a September 26 birthday.
          our daughter is :)