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Sep 25, 2013 10:18 PM

Truck and jean-George [ Pound Ridge/Bedford, NY ]

Has anyone been to Truck? My friend and I drove by it and saw the little blue sign and she mentioned that the actress Blake Lively is aways spotted there. Is it only open for dinner because it was completely empty and looked closed? Did that place used to be called 22?

Also, does anyone know when the new JGV restaurant will open?

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  1. Yes, Truck was Bistro 22. I used to love that place. No word yet on JGV but, from people who live in the area I hear there is construction going on there.

    1. Truck is used to be very crowded when I drove by at nights (except they were closed Mondays), but I haven't been that way for a while. I haven't heard a really credible review, and Mexican / Southwestern is hard to gauge sometimes, as people have widely different expectations.

      On JG, I can report that they have moved to floors based on the truck traffic, and the landscaping seems to be going in this week. I can't really know for sure what that means for timing, but I would guess we are still at a few months, not weeks. They have to pave, etc. and then get things in order.

        1. Thanks for the info! I live right on the border in CT but have never really explored those towns foodwise, but the Truck sign stood out because it seemed kind of out of place.

          The new JGV place is near that nursery with the stone sculpture? I'm curious how the interior will look, if they'll keep a bucolic look or something very modern.

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            Yes, it is near the :Pound Ridge nursery. It was, I think, the Inn at Pound Ridge many moons ago. Then it was another restaurant whose name I can't remember.

          2. On Jean-George, they have are hiring now and there are rumors around town that November 15 is the opening date. Seems a slight stretch to me, but things are moving.

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              His website says "opening soonish." There is progress!