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Sep 25, 2013 08:54 PM

Downtown Friday Brunch after City Hall marriage

Need something classy but not over the top expensive, a couple of kids and older folks will be in attendance also....any ideas?

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  1. Congratulations!

    Type of cuisine? Something that will appeal to many tastes?

    Maybe the newer Trading Post:

    You might want to consider renting the wine room at Pasanella & Sons if it's still available. You'd have to arrange for a caterer unless they have suggestions for you.

    Otherwise head to TriBeCa.

    1. There is always the restaurant City Hall, a relatively short walk from Manhattan's City Hall. Then you would have the distinction of having been married in City Hall and afterward having your first meal as a married couple at City Hall Restaurant. (BTW, City Hall restaurant has become a power lunch spot for various movers and shakers in NYC, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting a reservation should you decide on it.)

      You might also consider The Odeon, a classic bistro that is inviting, comfortable, affordable, and serves up some pretty good food. The Odeon is around the corner from City Hall restaurant.

      Both restaurants are family-friendly.

      City Hall restaurant is at 131 Duane Street, just west of Church, and The Odeon is at 145 West Broadway.

      Wherever you end up, I hope you have a great time.

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        City Hall is a good suggestion. The atomosphere is perfect. Classy, as OP requested.

        loratliff, is the Landmarc in TriBeCa the same as the one in TWC? I've only been to the TWC location and while the food, service, and company were all very good the atmosphere left a lot to be desired. Tables were very close together and it was loud. To be fair I went for dinner and maybe lunch is mellower.

        1. re: financialdistrictresident

          the one in Tribeca is the original and has a much better (IMO) atmosphere than the one in TWC which i find to be too cavernous for my taste.

          1. re: JC2

            I've not been to the one in TWC (other than walking by it), but the atmosphere at the Tribeca one was quite nice—we were seated at a big table by the front windows. Also, one of the women in my party is quite sensitive to loud restaurants and even she enjoyed it so that's saying something.

        2. re: BrookBoy

          Not to rain on BrookBoy's parade but you will (as i was) be married at the Marriage Bureau, not at City Hall.

          Is the idea of taking cabs out?

        3. We went to Landmarc after my aunt's wedding there and it was perfect.

          1. We went for Chinese food and never regretted it.

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            1. re: mahler5

              Love it! It's about marrying the right person not all the other "stuff" :)

              mahler5, where did you go?