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Sep 25, 2013 05:07 PM

TheKitchn Cure - refresh your cooking space.

In case anyone is feeling like their kitchen could use a pick me up, is hosting a Fall 2013 Kitchn Cure, a 10-day refresh of your cooking space. Here's the link to sign up I'm not sure what the "assignments" will be like but they mention an hour a day although I plan to probably spread that out. I'm hoping it'll give me good tips to organize my favorite place a little better and clean out some junk and gunk.

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  1. I signed up, and posted it on my Facebook page for my kitchen design shop. I have many clients who could use a good purge!

    1. I did their sister site's Home Cure a few years ago, found it very refreshing. I keep my kitchen pretty organized these days though.

      1. thanks, I am in a rut and need motivation.

          1. Thanks for the link. This sounds like a great motivator, I am interested in seeing what their assignments are.

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              Me too, I imagine I'll be up to my head in all of the stuff I need to clean out.