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Coming in this weekend. My wife's first time ever in NOLA.

I have reservations for Sunday bruch at Commanders Palace. A future daughter-in-law has made several suggestions form Clancey's to Cochon. I can't decide. Pleae give me a "thanks, I needed that" suggestion. Many thanks.

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  1. You gotta try a neighborhood place. Two perfect examples are Joey K's and Katie's. Both are very good and can get very crowded. But IMHO, if you want to experience New Orleans you need to experience one of these on a Friday or Saturday night.

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      I like Katie's better than Joey K's. Just my two cents.

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        Yeah, I like Joey K's a lot as my convenient and friendly neighborhood place, but if I only had a few meals in town it wouldn't be one of them.

    2. First, several questions:

      1. Have you ever done Brunch at CP's?
      2. Is there anything special about that meal, like a birthday, or anniversary?
      3. Is there a "level" of dining, that you want to attain?
      4. Is there particular fare, that you are craving?
      5. Does transportation figure into things?

      With those answers, others will be able to offer suggestions. As they said on the old TV show, "There are a hundred stories in the "Naked City." This is but one of them." In NOLA, there are hundreds of restaurants, that are very good to great, but there might be extenuating circumstances, to choose one, over another.

      Good luck,


      1. How many days/meals. Where are you staying. What kind of scene do you like? ie. quiet & romantic, loud and hip, old school, etc.

        1. I really enjoyed Cochon the two times I ate there. Never been to Clancey's but I have only heard good things about it.

          1. You're running out of time quickly. I agree with the other comments re: where are you staying, with a car, what type of restaurant are you looking for? You might/might not get into Clancy's at this late hour. Commander's will give you the Big Show--and a few minutes when you cannot converse because of the Jazz Band--so maybe you want something less grand? I agree with ilike NOLA in recommending neighborhood places for a feel for the city and there are scores of these. In truth, most New Orleans restaurants..even the Big Boys..are mostly local places (although this is less true of Antoine's than it once was); they just show it in varying ways. Even Emeril's, which plans on massive tourist money in its daily plan, still has a decent following of locals.

            You might want to try the "new" stuff like Peche..which leaves me cold...or see if Cochon interests you. In my view, Cochon has quality meats that he f---s with too much.

            Anyway, some more details would be helpful.

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              Thanks. Staying at the Roosevelt. Sat night, Sunday, and Mon night, Wed lunch will be out meals. Had reservations for Cochon for Sat night but they called back to offer only 6 or 10. We are driving in so I did not feel comfortable confirming 6. We like to walk but would like one out of the Quarter restaurnt but the main thing is to show my wife New Orleans. My favorite from 40 yrs ago was Mosca's but I don't want to drive there. Thanks for all the help.

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                If 6 is dicey driving in then I think something like Mandina's might work..straight shot out from the Roosevelt. Probably any major FQ restaurant could get you in around 7:30 or so unless there is a big convention. Liuzza's or Ye Olde College Inn might be decent casual sandwich sort of places, too...not hard to get to and both Highly Local. You could try to squeeze in at Brigsten's on Saturday..I think the kitchen starts to shut down at 10:00 over there

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                  You might try Clancy's too for Saturday..they are open until 10:30, I think so you MIGHT get two in there around 8:30 if the 6:00 gang leaves by then. I'd just throw on a suit and walk over to Galatoire's from the hotel.

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                    Thank you so much for your interest. I had thought about Galatoire's but wondered about trying on a Saturday night. We will give it a try.

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                      You never can tell..sometimes you just walk right in.

                      happy to help. Wherever you, after your drive in, just un-law over the drinks and take it slow (but please remember the kitchen staff wants to go home if it is getting late, late. I am sure you know that but it never hurts to remind folks)

              2. Knowing you have Sunday brunch at CP, if I had to choose a couple of cozy, walkable dining/lunching spots for me and my hubby (have not been to Clancy's) I would choose smallpates at Herbsaint or SoBou over Cochon.



                Both on OpenTable

                Better yet you have a car, how about jaunting over to Boucherie? CLOSED MONDAY.

                Dinner or lunch well worth it! Another option is Coquette on Magazine. Both bistros get lots of love on this board.



                Sunday night you may be stuffed from CP, so you could opt for Domenica, located in the Roosevelt. Comfort italian food, but not overly rich, and I love their covey greens with crispy prosciutto salad when I need a bit of a rich food detox :


                Agree about neighborhood spots, my choice would be Parkway Bakery, but have not tried Joey K's or Katies. Good choices for your Wed lunch or Maurepas Foods in the Bywater is quite fun and reasonably priced.

                Good luck and have fun.

                1. Directly across the street from the Roosevelt is MiLa, one of the best restaurants in NO but strangely overlooked. Very serious high end cuisine, modern but riffing on the food of Mississippi and Louisiana (Mi and La, get it), the home states of the two chefs (husband/wife team) who have won many awards. Their sweetbread/truffle/grits appetizer is one of the best dishes in town for my money.

                  1. OH, I just remembered another neighborhood place that is great for lunch. Red Gravy, on Camp St., about a half block off Canal.

                    When I say neighborhood places that to me means places that won't break the bank. My wife and I did a trip to Vegas in July and had a fantastic meal at Gordon Ramsay's Steak. That was probably the best meal I have ever had. But during the same trip we had breakfasts and dinners at neighborhood places that was great meals also.

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                      Thanks to you all. We are off to a great start at La Petit Grocery last night. Our first blue crab beignets and triple tail. Off to Commander's Palace in a few. So many of you giving great suggestions. Best to all.

                    2. Does anyone have any input on Brigtsen’s?? I had searched a while ago and didn't see much on it, but now there are a few posts. We loved roast duck!

                      Also, would it be crazy to try and get to Boucherie from FQ via Street Car and Bus? Norta says its 53 minutes.


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                        It will take the full 53 minutes. Not hard to transfer from the streetcar to the bus at the construction area; just follow the crowd or ask the driver what to do.

                      2. A few of my favorites:

                        Bistro Daisy