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Sep 25, 2013 04:41 PM

Ground Round - East Windsor

Not sure whether it is similar to the Ground Round's that used to be around, but, a Ground Round has opened up in East Windsor. I used to like it when I was in high school, they let you throw the peanut shells on the floor.

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  1. This can't possibly be the same iconic chain, could it? I thought they've been gone for a long time. If it's a resurrection of the classic chain, all they need is the peanuts and the Felix cartoons to get me to make a 90 minute trip to East Windsor!

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    1. re: zhelder

      Their website, says they were established in 1969, and that "we're even better than you remember!"

      1. re: ttoommyy

        Never liked the place, never understood the attraction. Who would try to attract a following with that name? I could see Ground Chuck or Ground Sirloin. What the heck can you do with Ground Round? Bleah!

          1. re: equal_Mark

            When the chain came about, ground round was the common meat used for burgers. It was quite a popular chain for a number of years. I actually waited tables at one for a while! lol

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Yeah, remember when you actually knew where the ground beef you were buying came from on the cow, i.e., chuck, round and sirloin? Instead of the mystery meat that they all sell now that's probably mostly scraps and organ meat.

              1. re: TomDel

                I was born in a small town in Minnesota, I remember going with my grandmother to the town's Meat Locker, which was a butcher shop, and she always bought ground round, ground on premises. The Meat Locker is still there today, and still sells great beef. My issue with ground beef in NJ, at least the generic grocery store variety, is that it always seems to have some gristle in it, something that I never get in a burger in my original home town. A while back I posted a question as to where to get good ground beef in NJ. There were responses, but none that were convenient for me.

                1. re: jracpa

                  Grind my own meat. Round is just too lean, dry and livery. Depending what I use it for I prefer chuck with added sirloin or blade steak... sometimes a bit of short rib.

            2. re: equal_Mark

              I'm with you Mark. I too never liked their burgers. They always seemed tough to me. I attributed that to being machine made patties and pressed into a mold with a lot of pressure.

              1. re: ttoommyy

                I had an early lunch here today before the football crowds came in. The space was previously occupied by a pub and is completely renovated. It has its own entrance and also one from the lanes. It seems they have the same arrangement at the lanes in Bradley Beach.

                No peanuts, but free popcorn. The food is average bar grub just the way I remembered. I did like the modern, angular layout of the place.

                1. re: ebchower

                  We ate there last night, a group of 11. The overall consensus of our group was that we liked it, average bar grub sums it up.

                  Burgers seemed to be the kitchens strength. For some reason I decided to get the baked haddock, which was pretty average, but the two pieces came served in a bowl, which seemed kind of odd. The fries were very good, the asian cole slaw very bland (it could have used some ginger).

                  They do have a charge kids by the pound item on the menu, but I think it is limited to one or two days a week, Friday was one of them I think.

                  Tuesday is buy one burger get a second free night.

                  Lots of tv's, it would be a good place to watch the games.

            1. Wow, that is a blast from the past. I doubt they will have peanuts on the ground. If barnacle bills is any indication, they will have all types of lawsuits in no time from people claiming they fell and that they were injured.

              1. Our relatives used to like Bonanza steak house. We called it Chew and Choke.