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Sep 25, 2013 04:30 PM

Open on Thanksgiving Day with some traditional offerings?

Can someone recommend a restaurant in Manhattan for Thanksgiving that would serve some "traditional" meals? Doesn't have to be off the charts on the price/reputation, but looking for some place that would be a warm setting since we will be away from home.

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  1. There will be a ton of restaurants open on Thanksgiving, serving traditional Thanksgiving Day fare.

    Price will be the major limiting factor. Most restaurants do a prix fixe on this day. It's usually more expensive than their regular menu.

    Menus/bookings start about a month in advance. OpenTable will also have a special page dedicated to Thanksgiving.

    Check out last year's offerings for an idea of the options:

    1. Thanks, Kathryn...I appreciate it!

      1. In years past (except the past 2 years) I always spent Thanksgiving lunch at the Marriot Marquis. Up in the revolving restaurant-I think it's called the View. Anyway they have a large spread of all the fixins and more. There is always something for everyone. It is done buffet style but it is not some crappy buffet-it really is good. In the past two years I opted for restaurants (2 higher end places) of which I won't name and had such horrible experiences w food and service!! I won't name because both places compensated me for the atrocious service and food that was served and I wish not to dump on them any further. I'm going back to the Marriot this year-it's so convenient to watch parade from the same block as the Marriot and then head to great Thanksgiving feast upstairs!

        1. I have often recommended and sent people to Rock Center Cafe for Thanksgiving. They are always packed, both tourists and locals. It is not a super calm dining experience but it is a great venue for the meal, overlooking the skaters and the hub bub of Rock Center. Stick with the turkey etc and the meal is fine. I think they take reservations if I recall. Good luck.

          1. We've gone to Artisanal on Thanksgiving and had wonderful traditional and non traditional meals.