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BRICK HOUSE Tavern & Tap Opening in Neptune rt 66

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Sign is now up....wont be long..


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  1. I went to the one in South Plainfield once. Didn't like anything about it.

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    1. re: ebchower

      Where in South Plainfield is there one?

      Neptune Rt. 66? Is this a new build or did it take over that place that went out near the Home Depot, it was only there for like 6 months so I don't even recall the name, across from Wallmart.

      1. re: jrvedivici

        Stelton Road, in the former Bennigans location. I went once when they first opened.

        1. re: jrvedivici

          jrvedivici - You are thinking of East Coast Cookery that replaced Boston's. Brick House will be located on a new pad site on 66 outside of the Jersey Shore Outlets.

          1. re: bgut1

            Gracias, do you have any feed back on East Coast Cookery? That's just a bad area.......although a few miles east on 66 is MJ's which took over the old Beacon Street, which was there forever, but failed, and now MJ's is knocking them dead.

            1. re: jrvedivici

              Is MJ's knocking them dead? I've driven by countless times, but haven't stopped in. There's probably a thread around here somewhere, but it just never caught my eye. Last time I was in that space was in 1988 to see Rich Meyer - one man, one guitar, one good time. I wonder what happened to that guy.

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                1. re: Tapas52

                  Thanks for the link Tapas. His schedule page isn't updated, but I hope he's still making the rounds.

                2. re: jsfein

                  I am not a fan of the MJ's brand, but from what I have heard they are doing a very good business. It still blows my mind that MJ's took over the Buttonwood Manor in Matawan.

                  1. re: jsfein

                    Had a good experience at MJ's in Neptune yesterday. Food was good, not outstanding, but good quality for the price. Wife had shrimp tacos and I had fish tacos. The bar was full of Ranger fans for the game. Server was attentive and quick. Three people ate and drank for $59. Decent lunch place after shopping at the outlet mall.

                    1. re: jsfein

                      He is still around. I know he plays at Kerwins Tavern in Middlesex on a semi regular basis.

                    2. re: jrvedivici

                      How Is It A Bad Area? if It Is Then Why Are So Many stores/Restaurants Opening/Succeeding there?

                      1. re: jDemp42

                        Perhaps area wasn't the right term, location is what I meant, that specific location nothing has had luck in. The "area" is fine, sorry.

              2. Good,,, close to home cant wait!!

                1. It's a new building on 66 in front of the outlet stores.

                  1. Is there anything to distinguish this place from all the other chain type pubs/taverns out there?

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                    1. re: equal_Mark

                      This place is going for the man-cave atmosphere. If that's your thing you might like it.

                      1. re: ebchower

                        every time i pass its packed!

                        1. re: Tapas52

                          Every time I pass Applbee's or TGI Fridays they are packed. This morning there was a line outside in sub freezing temps waiting to get into Amy's House of Mediocre Food in Long Branch.

                          “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” - H.L. Mencken [substitute "taste" for "intelligence"]

                          1. re: equal_Mark

                            Mark - I don't disagree with your premise but Amy's breakfast is more than adequate (or dare I say pretty good). As for Brickhouse the place isn't about the food for me (which on the whole is barely passable) it's about the draft beer selection. A couple pints of Kane along with an order of their decent soft pretzels and I'm good.

                      2. re: equal_Mark

                        Learned something new there today for lunch regarding your question on how they try to distinguish themselves from other restaurants. As i'm sitting there I see a lot of people walking out with what looks like to-go drink cups. I said, "are people that cheap that they're taking their drinks (non-alcoholic obviously) to go??" Apparently they give a complimentary cup of what you were drinking (non alcoholic) to go. I happened to see a lot today because it was lunchtime during the week, so most people were on their lunch from work and of course aren't drinking, drinking. If you check their menu out online, you'll see they have food offerings that you won't find in an those other chain restaurants. Also as jrvedivici mentioned in another reply they have $1 cans of beer served in a paper bag, unfortunately it has to be Pabst, which I find disgusting, but others like it so if you like Pabst you're in luck! Pic is of the Greek Meatballs. Seasoned ground lamb/beef on top of a slice of cucumber and garlic toast served with fresh arugula. It was good.

                      3. Had lunch there Sunday 1/19/14. They have a varied menu, including a brunch menu on Sundays. I had Pork meatballs, sweet/spicy shrimp, & Soft pretzels served w/3 dipping sauces for apps (shared w/friends). I had Proscuitto Eggs benedict for my main. They have a lot of beers including a list of local brews. Had a bloody mary w/pickled vodka and guiness. Good if you like the taste of pickle juice. It was topped with a deviled egg/salami/&cheese. All the items were good, and the pricing wasn't bad at all. If you're a lesbian or Heterosexual man there are very attractive female servers; at this location any how. Aside from her attractiveness and more importantly our server was good and those that assisted her seemed competent. Will definitely go back, especially over the local Applebees, MJ's, or Ruby Tuesday's. Looking forward to trying their Fried olives, double cut pork chops, Beer Bong & Kobe burger.

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                        1. re: jDemp42

                          Wtf was that about the servers???? Can you go over that again for us?


                          1. re: JustJake

                            I think they are hotties!!

                            The bloody mary sounds pretty interesting, I might have to stop by and check this place out. Was the only difference in Prosciutto Eggs Benedict the meat or were there other differences vs. traditional Eggs Benedict?

                            1. re: jrvedivici

                              Just the meat, and the hollandaise sauce had a bit of a kick (spicy) that I appreciated.

                            2. re: JustJake

                              For the most part they were all very attractive and fit very well into their snug jeans, and tight polo tops. And like I said they seemed competent and personable to boot.

                          2. So my original destination yesterday didn't open until 5pm and I showed up at 4pm for some reason I felt funny about sitting in the parking lot an hour for them to open so I decided to set sail, destination unknown.

                            As I drove and mentally shot down most of the local "go-to" haunts I was trying to think of something new, different, a change of pace.......and then jDemps review of this place came to mind! You know about their Sunday Brunch Menu, I like brunch!

                            The place is new so it's obviously very nice and clean, the entire restaurant/bar is open, not one wall or half wall in the place, it has a very nice flow. There are tables and booths' and high top tables, pretty much any seating arrangement you can be looking for. I thought it was kind of cool that the booth's are actually two sofa's facing each other with a table between them. They looked very comfy. There are at least 2-3 dozen TV's all throughout the place......no matter where you sit you have a front row seat to something. I took a seat at the large bar.

                            I got here around 4:30 and there was already a nice crowd at the bar, they have a decent happy hour promotion of discounted beer and $5.00 appetizers. They have a roll of paper they cut and use as a place mat for you at the bar and the paper is actually a bar menu with all their specials on it. While I was reading it I couldn't believe my eye's.......Happy Hour Beer Special; Domestic Can of Beer $1.00, domestic draft $2.00!?!?! When the bartender brought me my martini I had to inquire about the can of beer for $1. special and she explained it's only for Papst Blue Ribbon......not being a beer drinker it didnt' really matter to me, I'm just amazed to find a $1. beer in the world today!

                            I took a look at the menu and I placed an order for their meatballs. (I choose the classic, but they have a meatball section on their menu with about 5 varieties). Their menu is very diverse with many offerings from Meatballs, Pizza, Burgers and chicken fried steak. Something for everyone I would comfortably say. When the meatballs came out I was about to order a side of ice water to wash them down with but then I was like, what the hell get a $1.00 beer! They serve the Papst Blue Ribbon can in a small paper bag, not really sure why.......and not really knowing beer tradition that well when they served me the beer in the bag I poured a little on the floor in tribute to my homies. (I think I saw that on MTV one time). The bartender immediately instructed me NOT to do that, that is only done when drinking a malt liquor beverage of 40oz. out of a paper bag, as they say, my bad.

                            Anyway.....the meatballs came and they were actually very, very good. I ordered them expecting to be disappointed, it was just sheer curiosity to see what I would get more than any expectation of being pleased when I ordered them. Well they did an excellent job of surprising me. The meatballs were very good, tasted home made, not frozen/heated the sauce was excellent and it was served with an over sized fried mozzarella stick and small loaf of Italian style bread. I don't know if this was on the $5. special menu, if it is it's a must try, even if it's not it's still very good. Based on what I saw of most of the food coming to the bar from the kitchen everything looked excellent and I didn't see anyone return anything so I would say the food must be pretty decent.

                            All in all is a pretty cool place......the new kid on the block always gets the most attention so by the time I left at 6:30 there was a wait to get in. If your looking for a casual place to go and grab some good comfort style food, give this place a shot.

                            OH.......yeah one last thing I just remembered, Jdemp was pretty accurate about the staff there. Very pleasant, very competent and very pretty. But remember I went there because of the brunch!! ;-)

                            1. I had a great lunch there today ..happy hour 4-5 all apps $5.00 also !!

                              Spiked calamari hand breaded and tossed with cherry peppers & a side of basil marinara excellent, crisp, & spicy!

                              tavern wings get 'em with black rum bbq, buffalo, garlic-parm or man cave sauce
                              with ranch, bleu cheese, or sriracha ranch on the side.

                              drunken pork meatball hero (pictured) made from scratch pork meatballs, whiskey bbq glaze & napa slaw
                              on a hero hoagie...

                              very attentive friendly service & $2.00 draft beers!