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Bulletproof Coffee

Has anyone tried this? The hardcore believers say that it involves nontoxic beans, a good amount (6 tbs!)of a grassfed butter like Kerrygold, and MCT or a whomping amount of coconut oil.

Claim is it aids satiety, fat burning, and mental acuity til early-midafternoon if imbibed in lieu of breakfast.

I'm not sure I want to skip breakfast, though I do know folks who swear by the benefits of a tablespoon of coconut oil in their morning coffee.

Any anecdotal evidence?

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  1. I've heard it's disgusting. And I am way to passionate about my coffee to fuck it up that way.

    You first. ;-)

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      HA!!! Thanks for the early morning belly laugh, mcf!

      Bulletproof coffee is a Crossfit/Paleo thang but some folks who are into Intermittent Fasting (IF) also drink it before a hardcore workout.

      Never tried it, myself. I'm good with my cup of tea and eggs in the morning.

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        You are right. it is a crossfit/IF/Paleo thang....

        I have alot of friends that use it, swear by it and like it. I don't, but I am sensitive to caffeine. I DO use coconut oil in my ( half caff) coffee or tea on the morning several days per week on IF days. I like it, gives good energy, satiety, and clarity.

    2. If you need an energy drink with more history try Tibetan butter tea - tea, roasted barley flour (tsampa) and yak butter (preferably rancid to give more flavor).

      1. I've tried it. I have my coffee black so I can tell you it has a smooth flavor and doesn't give me jitters the way other coffee can.

        1. The nontoxic beans that the guy who coined that phrase is so coincidentally selling to you . . . he knows they are nontoxic because he is supposedly more sensitive to the flavor of mold than the rest of us (yeah he said that, not about coffee beans but about chocolate.)

          I love coffee. My morning latte is a ritual for me, without which I really don't have a day. So I wouldn't do that to my coffee.

          Also, I would rather have some protein AND fat for breakfast. For me, that's a recipe for stable blood sugar and an alert mind.

          1. Eufff. I'd taste a sip of a friend's but I wouldn't leverage a few bucks on the whole thing. Nor would I make it at home. I can 99.44% say I'd find it disgusting, and I'm not aware of any nutritional science that would support the claims you've heard.

            Not to say I wouldn't try a buttered rum toddy, if anyone's offering. Medicinal purposes, that.

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              Hot buttered rum is a delicious indulgence. Good for what ails ya once in a blue moon.

            2. I tried it this morning. Now, keep in mind I <<<LOVE>>> butter with a passion, but I could not tolerate a full mug of this coffee. It wasn't "right," according to my tastebuds....the directions say that a creamy mouthfeel will be achieved by blending/mixing well, but to me, it was just oily and not tasty and I wasn't able to blend all the blobs out. Chewy coffee?

              And it's been abundantly clear that I need protein and not just fat and caffeine for mental clarity. It's 5:54, I have a class to teach at 6:30 and I need to eat something, stat, or I'll be a mumbling idiot like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoons (mwah wah, wah wah wah wah)

              So, experiment tried, and I'm going to throw Bulletproof coffee a "nooo". Although I still do like grassfed butter and coconut oil...just not in my coffee. This may also be because I don't drink my morning coffee black, too---I like it with cream, and I still like it with cream. It's just not for me...jmo.

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                I never heard that you're supposed to skip breakfast and have coffee with butter only. I tried having butter in coffee once. I didn't mind it, but for me, it was a waste of delicious grass fed butter. I prefer it with my food (and I could never ever skip a meal.) I haven't tried coconut oil in my coffee either. Will try it at some point, I'm sure. I happen to like the flavor of the bulletproof coffee. Having my coffee black means I really taste the flavor of whatever coffee I'm drinking.

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                  That is true about drinking it black. I can only manage that usually as an espresso after a big meal...my morning coffee is more tame. :-)

                1. I like to eat a straight spoonful of coconut oil, but, I always include some protein in that timeframe. I'm trying to increase my ratio of fat to the other macronutients. I haven't had any trouble burning fat since I cut the carbs.

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                    I like a straight spoonful too...sometimes I sprinkle with the dark cocoa nibs from TJ's. Verrry niicce.

                  2. I don't understand why, if people are touting butter in coffee, they don't just use heavy cream. That's how I make butter. With a pinch of salt if required.

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                      There are carbs in cream. Bulletproof coffee proponents claim cream's carbs and proteins cause brain fog among other things.

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                        There're carbs in coffee, too. Cream has less than a gm of carb or protein per TBS so it's listed as zero. http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/d...

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                          It's a paleo thang... and I'm not paleo.

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                            Yes, I know it is. I love dairy way too much to be paleo.

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                              Me too, girl. I would simply cease to exist without cheese in my life.

                    2. I actually tried this for maybe a couple of weeks, a while back. But it was with my espresso, made with whatever coffee I had on hand, and so I used only a 1/2 tbsp of butter.

                      I used a hand frother and only briefly tried to blend the butter in, not wanting to cool down my coffee too much. So maybe that was why I could not quite get it all blended in.

                      It did seem to let me run around all morning with somewhat more energy than my regular espresso (that I usually take with a splash of cream), especially when I do not have time to eat much of a breakfast. Maybe I should try again for fun, but cream is much more convenient!


                      1. my husband drinks this every day. adds extra kerrygold butter to his regular cream-and-honey fresh ground (highest quality beans) chemex brewed coffee and the MCT oil. He blends it in the blendtec. Loves the flavor (kinda like a frappaccino) AND says it helps him focus. He has ADHD and does not take any medications. Has been drinking this for several weeks and really loves the results.

                        We like the MCT oil that the guy sells because it truly is flavorless: coconut oil is cheaper, but you can definitely taste it.

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                        1. re: rmarisco

                          I don't have ADD but I used to think I might. It turned out that I had hypoglycemia, and a stable BG helps me focus and feel alert. Fat and protein are the best at stabilizing my BG. Caffeine is of course also helpful for ADD folks, So I suspect he is getting a double whammy of caffeine and fat.

                        2. Well, to me it is simply a knock off version of Tibetan yak butter tea. Hey, Tibetans (and especially Tibetan monks) have been drinking it for centuries!


                          As far as I can tell, the difference between this coffee recipe and Tibetan butter tea is that it uses cows milk (maybe because yak butter is so damned hard to come by in the Western World!) and it uses coffee instead of tea as the stimulant of choice.

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                            and the yak butter gives most flavor it is rancid. :)

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                              Good to know, thanks, it sure makes the BP coffee look like the knock off.

                              Now, the Tibetan yak butter tea also sounds quite similar to the Hong Kong-style tea (made with evaporated milk) that people like me have been drinking for ages :-) The creamy evaporated milk actually lends a stronger flavour to the tea than regular cream, and the proportions sound similar to that used in the yak butter tea.

                              I am so looking forward to trying this (with goat/cow cream and full fat milk) as soon as it gets colder.