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Sep 25, 2013 02:01 PM

3 nights in November, good choices?

Haven't been to NO for several years, going for a big conference. Saying at Hotel Monteleone
Have reservations at Brigsten's for Saturday night (have been there twice, loved it).
Looked at what I can book on OpenTable for the other two, so far I've booked NOLA for Sunday night (went 10 yrs or so ago, wife was too trashed by the time we got there to eat)
August for Monday night (John Besh fan, have only been to his restaurant here in San Antonio)
Any suggestions? We love flavorful NO food, budget not really an issue, but don't want all meals to be formal or expensive.

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  1. Brigsten's is fine and August seems to be doing fairly well. NOLA is all-over-the-map from what I hear. three couples I know prefer Emeril's flagship to NOLA. Another friend who is a quasi-regular at NOLA says detractors just apply the wrong standard. I leave actual comments to people who'v been lately, which ain;t me.

    1. If you have never been I highly recommend Casamentos on Magazine street very new Orleans one of a kind place. Especially if your into oysters.

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        Just my 2 cents, but Casamentos just isn't the same since Joe passed. Used to be a favorite, not anymore.

      2. To me, that looks like a great plan.

        I have dined (fairly recently) at all, and have had great meals at each.

        Hazelhurst does make a good point - on this board, NOLA gets very polarized reviews. While I do enjoy Chef Emeril Lagasse's eponymous restaurant, the last two trips to NOLA have actually been better. Now, we did sit upstairs, and it was quiet, but the food got our attention, over Emeril's. Again, we love Emeril's, and the service has always been great, with good, to excellent food. However, the venue is loud, and we have found more unevenness there, than NOLA. Still, many trusted CH's go the other way - maybe we always hit on the "good nights," where they hit on the "bad nights?" Stuff, like that, happens. Maybe that one is a "tossup?"

        Are you needing recs. for other nights of your visit? Is so, I missed that part.

        Most of all, enjoy,


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            For only three nights, I think that you have a good range. Save some other restaurants for your NEXT trip! [Grin]

            Enjoy and travel safely,


        1. Now thinking of swapping Cochon for NOLA, thoughts?
          Would be:
          Sat night: Brigsten's
          Sun night: August
          Mon night: Cochon or NOLA?

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          1. re: saeyedoc

            They are two different experiences but it can come down to the choice between a pork-centric menu and a wider more "normal" menu.

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              Given those choices, I would do Cochon, in lieu of NOLA, thought I probably like NOLA a tad better. As Collarman mentions, they ARE different, in many aspects, BUT, you have Brigtsen's, and August, so NOLA, while offering differences, would be more similar to the other two, than would be Cochon. Go for a tad of diversity, and save the Emeril restaurants for next time.



            2. I really like Lilette, Petite Grocery and Bistro Daisy. I thought August was excellent. I also like Stella and Herbsaint..